The day has run out of time and light,
Like that in a flash,
Like a man traveling from Yaba to Akoka.

The sky has turned black,
The clouds are stagnant,
The stars luminescent brightly,
The gentle breeze disperses heat,
Trees twist and turn in respect.

The crickets are chirping loudly
The birds of the air are no more,
The grasses are no longer green!
Rather black!
The play of light makes sure of that.

The atmosphere is thick,
It makes me feel opa stick,
'Love is in the air',
"Can you feel that my dear?"

Now it's your time to rule!
Put me in the spotlight of your crescent,
Let your dim light shine on me.

From the creatures of the night,
Keep me safe,
In a strafe;
Let me not walk to my plight

The time to rest,
The time to dine,
The time to release;
Everything that is mine.

Gently, my world spins,
Then I lay my head down,
And block out all of today's sins.
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Nobel Laureate
Published: 5/18/2011
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