I'm not sure what to say....
I don't know what else to do
I feel so lost without you
You are my everything, now you are gone
And I have nothing left to live for

Your absence is eating away at me
My spirit is no longer happy and joyful
Now a vast empty space, no life at all
Soon I will fall into the welcome gates of death

My heart has been shattered
Completely broken and battered
It is now in a slow recovery
To, maybe, one day show

My soul is telling me to let it all go
It feels so selfish to do so
I begin to feel I don't have a true friend
I just want it all to end

I spend my days wishing I had a friend
To tell me I was wrong
Tell me I was in a place where I belong
But sadly I don't have one

I am left alone
To bare the loss of you
Dark thoughts clouding my mind
Will I ever find you again?

Can you hear me screaming your name
Am I the one to blame
I left without a good-bye
Why had I been so shy?

I am lost in a world
Where there is only you
I begin to see you everywhere I go
And it puts me into a deep misery

Even though you're not really there
I beg to you in my dreams saying
"Don't let me go, please don't let me fall!"
Please promise me one thing, that you'll always care
Published: 5/18/2011
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