Too Late

Betrayal. You know the feeling. You've felt it, at least, at some point in your life. You know how to betray, just like you know what it's like to be the injured party. A poem dedicated to all those who've felt the burn of betrayal. ♥
I guess you read the description and thought, 'FINALLY! A poem that SPEAKS to me!! LITERALLY!!' =) Well, I've felt betrayal, and I'm sorry to all you. I wish I could give you a hug... virtual hugs anyone? =)

Anyways, POEM:
Burning with anger,
Burning with hate,
Can we still save this?
Or is it too late?
Misunderstood, misplaced words,
Where are you now?
You've done what you wanted,
Go ahead, take a bow.
I can rant,
I can rave,
But what can I do,
If there's nothing left to save?
We're both lying to ourselves,
It's just an act.
But that's what happens when you break
A promise... a pact.
I better leave now, before it gets worse (than it already is),
I must say good-bye, adiĆ³s, so long.
I'm not going on with this, all these lies,
Not when I know, in my heart, this is all wrong.
It started out perfect, like most,
Just love, no hate,
But what can you do if everything falls and breaks,
And what you could've fixed... was too late?
I'm hoping I get a lot of views (I know, what a wish!) and more comments! Love you all who see this! =)
So... how was it? =)
Wow! I could FEEL it! The poem... SPOKE to me!! =) lol, loved it!
Eh... seen better. =P
Not bad, not good... neutral.
Published: 5/18/2011
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