I Remember

This is for mickell. I don't think you truly understood how much you mean to me...
I remember...

The days when I ran into the wall to make you smile
Our friendship ran on like the river Nile
And the days when you made me feel pretty
You made me feel important, smart and witty

Also the day we sat on the gate in the park and just talked
And later we smiled and just walked
Not forgetting that day you made me run from the bus
You wearing high heels and me making a fuss

The day you came to my house and I sat on you
Because you are amazing and because you are true
But then things went wrong and we didn't speak for a while
Suddenly our friendship felt as daunting as running 1500 miles

But then you read my diary and feelings came out
Our friendship settled after thrashing about
But then you had to leave when I only just got you back
And I ask myself where's the fairness in that

So as I smile with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat
I remember with you I would always float
You are and always will be my truest friend
And I promise to be with you till the very end
Published: 5/23/2011
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