The way I wish it would be and what it is like now.
I sit here wondering thinking of how things used to be
When I held you in my arms and
You felt the warmth of my love flowing through you.
Everyday you knew that everything I said

Everything I did I always thought of you
No matter what the risk
I would always put you first.
But now it feels as though we have drifted apart

And the line severed.
I still wish it never happened
That faithful day had never arrived
Our love never seemed false.

You still know I love you and always will
But the trust is gone and the bridge not yet fixed.
Never did I think that it would be this way
So far apart yet so close to each other

But yet still so far away.
I wish that warmth in my arms would return
We would revive the extinguished fire that burned in our souls
Drawing us closer to a life of happiness.

I will never stop fighting to one day
Where we would rejoin ourselves
In the stronger embrace of our lost love.....
But will you fight beside me?
Published: 5/26/2011
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