In My Dreams

A poem written in collaboration with a very good friend of mine.
In order to cope with my pain,
I'm just wanting to fade away ,
Into the solitude of my dreams,
where I can shed all of my tears!

I want to throw my fears at the wind
Where I know they will never be heard,
A mere whisper among the screams,
The undeciphered agony of words!

I know you will never understand,
There is no need for explanation,
I will drift away on my sung song
Of Death's incantation!

If the Jester cannot raise a smile,
What hope have you of helping me?
Your words fail to raise me
From my deep, profound misery!

Juggle then for all your worth,
With your laughter, try to entertain,
My eyes can't smile at your performance,
When they have closed their final curtain!

For these eyes no longer see beauty,
Nor does this heart always understand,
How can memories be washed clean by the rain,
While thoughts of melancholy are still at hand?

So let me to wander through mists of my time,
As the rest of my sands swiftly flow by,
I await the illusion of Death's peaceful sleep,
I need no friends in my dreams which I lie!
Published: 6/27/2011
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