Dark poetry.
They said her beauty was beyond imagination
She wore a precious smile
Her face was that of an angel
It stopped hearts for a while.

He saw her picking flowers
When he laid his eyes on her
He stared for what seemed a moment
Everything else was blur.

He could not help but stop in his way
He has never seen such a face
Not even in his fantasy he knew
He could ever feel the daze.

She walked across the flower bed
With her white dress floating in air
She smiled at the smiling lilies
And put one in her hair.

He stood there watching her
As she touched her hair
He wondered who the angel was
With beauty and grace so rare.

In kingdoms far and near
He had never seen such a damsel
With divinity in her eyes
And so in love he fell.

He was the prince of Arekia
The land of the mystic river
Where life was about peace and love
And it flourished with gold and silver.

He knew at once she was the one
Who would be his maiden bride
He adored her beauty for some more time
And then walked to her with pride.

"Hey fair maiden! I love thee
I have never been so sure
Let me take you to my land
My love for you is pure"

She looked at him with eyes wide
His heart skipped a beat
And then her lips curled into a smile
He knelled down at her feet.

She sat down beside him there
They talked for a while
And as the sun went down the sky
She left him with a smile.

She promised to meet him tomorrow
At the lily bed
When the sun come out in all its glory
She would see him where the path led.

He counted stars, each one of them
That night as he lay awake
He could not get her out of his mind
He wished for daylight to break.

She came as promised
And lay in his arms
They spoke of everything
Right from palaces to farms.

They stayed together for days
And then he took her home
She had never such a place
It was the most beautiful kingdom of Rome.

She was adorned with diamonds and rubies
And dressed in gold
Her tresses decorated with rare flowers
She stood there beautiful and bold.

She was the apple of his eyes
He could not take his eyes off
He spend his days and nights with her
She laughed and he would laugh.

He brought her everything he could
He tried to give it all
He did not want to see her blue
She was his pretty doll.

Days turned to nights, nights into days
Time passed away
Everything seemed perfect
But it all changed one day.

They took their stroll at the garden
She looked as exquisite as always
He smiled at her as they walked
Suddenly he saw her eyes blaze.

His smile vanished when he saw her
Her beauty abruptly turned sour
She stood there with a dagger in her hand
She was a picture of hideous abhor.

He fell down to her feet again
This time to save his life
But nothing seemed to mover her this time
She stabbed him with the knife.

The sun hid beneath the clouds
The sky turned gray
The birds stopped chirping around
It was a fateful day.

The dying prince asked his bride
What was his mistake
She smiled and took him close
And said she had money to make.

His eyes were the color of red
She smiled at him again
She told him she had all his riches
And a new life to began.

All she wanted was hers
It was time for him to sleep
She took him in her arms
And cradled him to slumber deep.

His blood stained her garb
It also stained her face
She left him there fading
With one last embrace.

She walked through the garden
With her blood red dress floating in air
She smiled at the smiling lilies
And put one in her hair.
Published: 6/30/2011
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