IT ... ?

Love is indeed, what you make of 'IT'.
IT makes me wonder to the depths and breadth of my heart's sea;
IT makes my soul spin with ecstasy...

IT kisses me with a touch, light as a feather but heavy as a man's sobbing heart;
IT smiles at me from the honey dew sunshine and the soft white mass of sponge sprinkled silver...

IT soothes my slumber with the purity of heaven and intensity of universal emotions;
IT strengthens me through the day and lulls me through the candle light...

IT lifts me from the valleys of sorrow and orients me to the valley of tranquility;
IT indulges an urge in me to have a rendezvous with my dreams and a tete-a-tete with my desires...

IT aids me to grow, to develop, to evolve, not to simmer and shrink in the shackles of suffering;
IT creates a gem of every tear illuminating my wishes gleaming with gratifying hope...

IT completes me,
IT makes me bow my head to the supreme;
IT is worth a world;
IT is... Love.
By Azmin Taraporewala
Published: 7/15/2011
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