Fly With Me

An Angel comes to take you home.
Fly with me my sweet, bonny lass,
O'er the canopy of green forest dawn,
We'll sprinkle tears, like raindrops to fall,
Upon the graves of those who still mourn.

Lay your head on my pillow of down,
Rest your troubled thoughts in my dream,
Come fly with me to a far away land,
Where thoughts of true love will be redeemed.

To ease your heart of misery and pain,
I shall sing my canticle sweet, soft and low,
In memory to those left behind,
Before their footprints melt in the snow.

Traces of ancestry will lead you home,
Follow the tracks your clan have laid down,
At the foot of the glen, by the waters of life,
Through the ghostly mists that rise from the ground.

Fear ye not the shadows of gloom,
They will ne'er encroach on your sleep,
No more shall sorrow darken your path,
Let your spirit soar you're finally free.

Time no longer bars your escape,
Close your eyes and let your soul fly,
Spread your wings and I'll take you home,
Come fly with me into the light.
Published: 7/15/2011
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