Broken Wings

I don't know but I wrote it for my gf and everyone says she's leading me on, but I'm happy again. So love gained and love lost...
Baby thanks to you I can't stop smiling
I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs!
Oh! Baby I hope you're listening
Cuz I found what I been missing
Thanks to you my heart is full.

Everything I wanted, everything I need
Baby, like an angel with broken wings I fell for you!
Will you catch me or will let me fall?
The question remains in my head as my energy was drained away
I asked you a simple question..
My heart stopped when you said...Yes:)

I can't stop smiling
My heart is beating faster than ever with broken wings
I feel as if I can still fly!
Light as feather despite this weather
I'll take your hand and reach for heaven cuz
I'm not going without you by my side
Even if it drags me to hell
Cuz baby like an angel with broken wings...
I already fell.

I l o v e y o u
Spell it out and go ahead
Scream and shout
I'll let the whole the world know
That I'm not letting go cuz baby
Published: 7/16/2011
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