My Hero

Who is your Hero?
You make my heart pump faster with
Every word you say to me,
I'm falling for you even more than before
You make me feel like I'm floating on cloud 9 or
Even higher you make me feel like.

I can fly away from all my fears and
I know you can make me feel all better again
You're my world, sunshine in my darkness,
My heart is yours just one thing
Just treat it like glass cuz that's how fragile.

I'm from all the bad memories I have
My feelings so tied in knots for you my love
You make everything clear for my eyes
To see you're my hero, protector, soulmate.

And everything that's good for me,
You are my perfect Angel from heaven
I never met more amazing guy in the world
I thought there's nobody that is more great as you are.
Published: 7/18/2011
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