Thank You

This poem is dedicated to my friend on her 14th birthday. She deserves this :)
I know this isn't much
Not compared to what you write
You wouldn't give a fudge
But you asked me to write to you so many times.

It was those awkward times back in those days
Back when we were science partners
To describe, I can't think on anyway
We were just complete strangers.

As time flew past,
I got to know you better
Who knew, it happen quite fast
We became more closer.

Man, us all went crazy
It's games, jokes, laughter
I can't tell how you're so funny
I know I'll remember these times forever.

Even though you don't realize that,
You always make me feel like I do have someone
Who understand,
Who makes me feel I'm not alone.

I understand you, I have experiences too
Even though the smiles are covering...
I would like to thank you
For what good friend you are to me
And very helpful to,
In the most bizarre ways as possible.
Published: 7/29/2011
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