I Love You

My heart aches when I hear your name
I look back at all the good times we shared
And I feel tears streaming down my face
I never thought it would end like that
I never knew it’d hurt this much.

I thought it was impossible to love someone so much
But now I don’t think I could ever love again
I refuse to let myself get so close to anyone ever again
I don’t want to feel that pain again
I’m still picking up the pieces of my heart.

From when you left me
My heart just shattered when you left like that
You just walked right out of my life
It seems, I want you back in my life
I keep waiting and hoping that will happen.

I’m still holding on to that little bit of hope
I won’t let go,
All I want is you, nothing else
I would give up anything,
Anything at all, just for you.
Published: 8/2/2011
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