Lost You

It's about someone who seemed so smart, so amazing... but she fell prey to something and she can't seem to get herself out. How can she? When she doesn't even see it? I'm mad at her and well... she doesn't see that. Thanks for reading my poems and commenting!
I thought I knew you,
I thought I had you,
But it seems I’ve lost you,
To the wolves, beneath you.

You think you know what you want,
You think you deserve better,
But what you should get,
Isn't what you want for yourself.

You tell me you’re in love,
You tell me you know what you’re doing,
You tell me you’re so smart,
But how can you know what’s happening?

You’re so lost,
So far gone,
I can’t reach you,
I’m thinking of letting it go…

You keep destroying yourself,
Again and again,
How can I help you?
If you can’t even accept it?

I’m sorry to say,
But you won’t accept it,
I have to leave,
Let this all go.

I thought I had you.
I thought you were with me.
But turns out, no matter what happens,
You can’t even see.
What'd you think about it?
It's creepy!! It made no sense and was STUPID.
Dang! What'd she doo?
WHO IS IT?! lol I probably don't know her but I wish she was smart enough to see your mad and disappointed in her..
This is great! And I hope she realizes it soon...
Write more!! And what did she do??
Published: 8/22/2011
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