5 Benefits of Physical Exercise for Christmas

Physical exercise improves stamina, boosts immune system, enhances sex life, good for your health, and delays the process of aging.
Physical exercise combats obesity and burns calories in your body. This yuletide season, you may have plenty of food on your table. You can cook greasy foods and eat whatever you want, without worrying too much about your calorie count. You can have your favorite fatty foods without someone reminding you about your diet. Sure, you can do all these things because it's Christmas day.

However, you can still enjoy your holiday while doing regular physical exercise. In fact, your heart will be merrier if you do more intense workout. Neglecting this healthy habit may predispose you to several conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and other heart problems.

There's a growing body of evidence, suggest that most people gain weight during holiday season. For many people, Christmas means a big plate full of favorites--fried chicken, turkey, beef, pork, and more. As a result, people struggle to lose weight afterwards.

Therefore, it would be better if you still watch your food intake and continue your routine physical exercise. Although it's Christmas season, it doesn't mean you take your health for granted. Your health is definitely the number one priority.

Here are 5 benefits of physical exercise for Christmas:

1. Physical exercise improves stamina: Christmas is not the only time for eating delicious recipes, but it can be a super fan event as well. Playing your favorite sport is the best way to stay fit during the holiday season. However, it requires stamina when you're playing intense sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and so forth. You need the kind of strength and energy in order to stay for a long period of time and play at your best.

2. Physical exercise boosts immune system: Of course, you don't want to celebrate your Christmas alone at the hospital. As much as possible you want to spend it with your loved ones at home, without paying sky-high medical charges. Doing regular physical exercise helps strengthen your immune system. It has the ability to fight off a simple cold and cough and slows down the release of stress-related hormones. In other words, you'll not get tired so easily, but feel relaxed after working out.

3. Physical exercise enhances sex life: In this cold month of December, physical exercise increases your sexual activity that would definitely satisfy your partner, which is good for married people. If you're doing this healthy exercise, you'll have a good mood when you're upset or depressed. Remember, euphoria can lead to a better sex life. Thus, make sure you have time for fitness.

4. Physical exercise is good for your health: Many people don't understand the importance of physical exercise. Others do know the benefits, but they're not doing it. When you do physical activity regularly, it decreases your heart rate, which reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease. Some cardiologists would even argue that turtle has the longest life span because it has low heart rates.

5. Physical exercise delays the process of aging: If you want to stay young and healthy, then regular physical activity is good for you. You don't need to buy commercial drugs that promise youthful looks. A cocktail of pills will put your life at risk. Its side effects will automatically hurt your major organs such as kidney, liver, heart, etc., So, better stick to your healthy fitness regimen, which is a natural way to maintain health.

Even though you're having fun or whatever you want to do this Christmas, exercise is still so important. Sometimes, too much consumption of food or alcohol is unavoidable during this time. However, daily physical activity is needed to increase your metabolism to burn calories. After all, "Health is wealth" according to famous adage.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Published: 12/24/2013
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