5 But Take 3

Heartbreak after 3 years...
It's been 5 but take 3,
In other words, he became her teacher,
Taught her how to love, for 5 but take 3,
Taught her things, she had never done,
Things she was anxious and couldn't wait to do,
Things she didn't know how to,
He taught her... for 5 but take 3.

He showed her what it's like,
Gave her those butterflies,
Gave her that shiver,
You know that feeling,
She didn't care of what was probably to come,
It never crossed her mind,
He taught her,
How to face her fears,
She didn't want to...
But as she decided,
After 5 but take 3.

He taught her more,
Not to trust,
She reduced the bar,
Stepped way back,
For something she was not sure of,
Every bit from,
5 but take 3 had flown away from her,
She sits there, with a cut upon her chest,
Her hand on the wound,
Shielding the bit that is left...
It's been 5 but take 3...
Published: 12/5/2011
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