5 Secrets: Chapter 1

Rin Harper just transferred to Rockwell High School for a new beginning, and meets new friends that are like her. But where would this take her? And what are the secrets that would be unleashed during her stay here, and who is the enemy lurking behind their backs?
Rin took a deep breath before entering the classroom. Then, seconds later, she was greeted by 40 pairs of eyes boring through her.

"Oh, um, hi," Rin waved and smiled apologetically at the teacher. "Sorry I'm late."
Sir Lexon Evans, the homeroom adviser, smiled back. "Ms. Rin Harper, it's nice to see you. We understand, being a new student isn't so easy since the school is a little bit, um, huge."

Rin glanced around the room and saw many students whispering to each other. She held her backpack tighter and waited for Sir Evans to say something.

"Well, I suppose you'll seat beside Ms. Shire, since that's the only seat available. Ms. Shire, would you please raise your hand?" He instructed and a hand raised in the middle of the seat of I-B students. Rin followed the direction of the hand.

"Hey," the girl beside her greeted, "Welcome to Rockwell High. I'm Kurtis anyway."

"Kurtis Shire? Nice name. I'm Rin Harper." Rin offered a hand and Kurtis accepted it while giggling.

Suddenly, Kurtis started babbling about many things like the weather, the temperature, her dress, the people, blah. Rin just smiled and let Kurtis harass her with too much babbling. She only paid attention again when she said something truly interesting.

"Have you met the four weirdos yet?"
"Four what?"

Kurtis leaned towards Rin as if going to tell a forbidden secret. "The four weirdos. They're the group here who doesn't have any friends other than each other. They're like a group of loners."

"But why are they weird? Not all loners are weird..." Rin mused, remembering her own experience in her past school.

Kurtis rolled her eyes. "Here, let me explain to you. That group is composed of two girls and two boys. Warren Barton seems like the leader because he's the most sociable among them. He's even in the basketball team! Then there is Zee Lorwill, the president of the Art club. She's really AWESOME in drawing, I tell you!"

"Then why are they loners if they have awesome talents?"
"Because they're hanging out with the REAL weirdos."
"That isn't so reasonable."
"Well, I don't know about your logic, but here, it's like that. But let me finish first. The weird girl, Phyll London, seldom talks. She answers questions, yes, but if you said something stupid in front of her, you'll get the 'eye.'"


Kurtis exhaled loudly. "That's our term for her intense stare. It's really creepy, you know. Rumor has it that she doesn't blink. The last one is Jethro. Only a few people know his surname because he seldom introduce himself with it. Unlike Phyll, he totally doesn't answer ANY question and he doesn't talk much. But when he does, his words don't make sense at all."

"Hmm..." That was all that Rin said.
"What's that supposed to mean? Don't you have any other reaction like 'OMG' or 'ooooh creepy'? I feel like I've wasted a large amount of saliva here."

"Um, honestly, I'm quite interested to meet them. Do you know if they have any hangout place?"

"Rin, No! You know, the number one rule to follow when it comes to them is DO NOT APPROACH THEM. If you don't want to be thrown into the loner's zone, you'll avoid them. You heard that?"

Rin just nodded, and Kurtis gave her a look before ending the conversation. Rin couldn't help but feel curious.

'Four weirdos,' Rin thought, 'Interesting. What do I have to lose? I'm weird in my own way anyway... I think this year wouldn't suck after all.'

Rin smiled.


There it is guys and girls! My first story here! If you have any comments, suggestions, expectations, I'll be glad to see them! But please, no flames. Be kind.
Published: 2/2/2012
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