5 Secrets: Chapter 11

Okay, just like what I promised, another chapter! Because of that, I'm expecting more comments, 'kay? Some cute scenes between J and R... teehee.
Rin went to school the next day with a bright smile. After the little "incident" yesterday, she felt more confident and strong. She was even humming happily while looking up at the peaceful sky. But just like yesterday morning, someone ruined her moment by bumping into her, almost making her land on the floor face-first. Expecting that it was Phyll again, she made a very annoyed face (though she really wasn’t) and turned around.

It wasn’t Phyll.

She was surprised to see Fishy, the one that she kicked on the head yesterday. He looked horrified at the sight of her, with his eyes and mouth wide open.

‘He shouldn’t do that... His eyes look impossibly big and creepy when he’s surprised,’ Rin thought. They stared at each other for a second, both surprised. Then, Fishy snapped out of it and bowed with his body.

"I’m sorry! I’m really sorry, I bumped into you! Please forgive me!" He bowed many times and ran away from Rin as fast as he could.
"What the hell just happened...," Rin whispered to herself. She just shook her head and continued to the lounge room. Only Zee and Jethro were there.

"Oh finally!" Zee exclaimed in relief. "Someone to talk to! Too much silence is killing me! Emo boy doesn’t wanna talk!" Jethro rolled his eyes.

"Zee, don’t you have something to do in Art class?"
"Oh, nope!" Zee smiled brightly. "I’ll just do it tomorrow since I want to see you first my awesome, kick-ass-"

She was cut off by Rin’s make face. She widened her eyes to remind her they’re not supposed to know about it, even if Jethro doesn’t seem like the person to give away secrets.

"Ah, um, I want to see my awesome friend first thing in the morning." Zee corrected her sentence and smiled sheepishly. They glanced at Jethro to check if he suspected anything, but he had his eyes closed and earphones stuck on his ears.

"Anyway, Fishy bumped into me on my way here," Rin whispered to her, just in case Jethro could actually hear them.

"Who’s Fishy?"
"Oh," Rin mentally face palmed herself for forgetting the fact that Zee doesn’t know them. "He’s one of those boys yesterday."

"Really? Did he do something to you?"
"No, actually, he looked really scared after seeing me. He ran away after quickly apologizing." Rin smiled as the image of his impossibly big eyes appeared on her mind.

"Hmph, that’s right! He should be afraid! He’s just a fishy after all!" Zee puffed her cheeks, and Rin laughed at her cuteness. The door suddenly opened and Warren appeared.

"Ooooh, looks like the ladies are having fun!" his eyes turned to Jethro who was still stuck in his own world. "Are they making fun of you, Jethro?"

The boy opened one eye at a time and just stared at him. They had no idea if he even heard the question.
"Oh well," Warren shrugged and sat on the beanbag chair. "What were you talking about anyway?"

Rin and Zee looked at each other. "Uhh, nothing. Just... one funny story about a pink frog." Zee lied, and Rin tried her best not to face-palm. Jethro stared at them with an I-know-that-wasn’t-what-you-were-talking-about look, but Warren seemed to believe the lie. Good thing he’s such a positive boy.

"That sounds like a funny one," he chuckled. The girls sheepishly laughed while Jethro kept staring at them.
"Yeah... The frog eats bubbles and rainbows..." Rin played along even though she felt embarrassed doing so. Especially when Jethro twitched his nose to hide his laughter. Rin’s eye twitched in irritation and made an eraser float towards him, unknown to the others of course. It hit his head quite hard making him jump from his seat. Warren and Zee were startled by his sudden action.

"Hey, what happened?" Warren asked. Jethro ignored him and searched for the foreign object that hit him. He found the eraser on the corner of the sofa and held it in front of his face for inspection.

"What’s that?" Zee curiously peeked over his shoulder. All of them were concentrating on him, while Rin was almost dying trying to suppress her laughter. Jethro suddenly turned to her and she quickly poker faced.

"You...," he hissed. He probably figured it out now. Smart boy!
"Me?" Rin acted innocent, but her eyes were full of mischief. Unfortunately, being the observative one, Jethro noticed that and glared at her. He stepped forward while keeping intense eye contact. Rin was unaffected, though.

"I believe this is yours," Jethro muttered viciously and put the eraser in front of her face.
"Oh yes, thank you! I’ve been searching for this since yesterday!" She beamed just to annoy him. As she was about to grab it, Jethro put his hand out of the way and held to the eraser above his head. Rin couldn’t reach it, no matter how high she’d jump since he’s taller than her by more than 5 inches.

"Hey, give it to me!" She jumped several times, and Jethro just watched her in amusement. When he’s finally satisfied, he put down his hand. Rin held out her hand, expecting him to drop the eraser on it. But when he opened his hand, nothing fell but mere white dust.

"What...," Rin’s eyes widened. "What did you do to my eraser?"
"Turned it to powder," he shrugged. Rin looked at him incredulously.
"Jethro, that wasn’t so nice. Now give her back the eraser." Warren asked him calmly. Jethro just rolled his eyes.
"I want my eraser back!" Rin yelled like a spoiled kid.

’Ah, so annoying....’
"Do you really want it back?"
Rin glared at him but nodded.
‘Really, really annoying...’

"It’s in Warren’s pocket." He nodded towards Warren, who was quite shocked to hear his name. He inserted his hand into his pocket and indeed, Rin’s eraser was there.

"You never fail to impress me with your tricks." Warren nodded approvingly while passing the item over to Rin. Jethro smirked and glanced at Rin who was busy muttering things under her breath while inserting her precious eraser in her bag.

"I’ll go." Jethro grabbed his thin bag and headed to the door.
"Hey, after mistreating my eraser, you’ll leave just like that?" Rin yelled, and Jethro turned around to give her an I’m-not-the-one-who-started-it face. Rin annoyingly stuck out her tongue while he rolled his eyes.

"Aish... Jerk..." Rin mumbled. Warren and Zee stared at her.
"Um, what’s the big deal with an eraser?" Zee asked Warren. He just shrugged and continued staring at Rin.

"I’ll go now too." Rin bluntly said and stomped to the door.
"Ah, wait! Don’t you wanna walk with me?" Zee yelled after her, but she was already gone. When the room was silent again with only 2 people left in it, Warren and Zee looked at each other.

They both smiled knowingly while thinking about the same thing.

‘Jethro’s being quite more expressive recently, isn’t he?’


Author’s Note

Tah-dan! Another author’s note... I’m actually wondering if people actually reads this part or they just skip to another chapter after seeing the star thing-border line. But if you do spend your time in reading this section, then thank you for patiently reading my random blabbering.

Oh! I wonder why Jethro is being more expressive of his feelings? Hehe ~
I’ve been receiving a lot of love recently, so, Yay!! I’m trying my best to update twice a week now, since I’ve realized that I have to work harder to receive more support, right? Sorry if this was a short chapter, ‘cause this only aims to show you a significant moment between Magnet Girl and Emo Boy (Sorry for the corny nicknames. If you have better ones, you know how to use the comment box.)

Oh, another thing. FISHY! I don’t know why, but I’m starting to like this random character I made. I’ll probably insert him in some chapters.. Lol.... I heart you all! Until next chapter!
Published: 5/19/2012
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