5 Secrets: Chapter 12

Did you have fun in the previous chapter? Huh? If you did, then let's see if this would make you sad... Get ready to know the sad story behind Rin's transferring to Rockwell high! Oh, and a creepy conversation with Sir Malfeur *shivers*.
Rin tried her best to stay awake as Sir Malfeur blabbered on about subatomic particles or something like that. The only thing that urges her to stay conscious is the idea of what this teacher would do to her just in case he sees her sleeping. But it wasn’t only Rin that was in the state of drifting to dreamland. Almost everyone in class has droopy eyes too, except for Warren and other more nerds.

She almost jumped when Warren nudged her side. "Hey, you rather sit straight if you don’t want to get Sir Malfeur’s attention."
"But it’s really booooring," she mumbled. Warren rolled his eyes and went back to writing down notes. Rin would never understand how the hell he stays fully awake in these times.

The bell suddenly rang, which immediately brightened up Rin and the others. She was kind of surprised when she saw that Sir Malfeur wasn’t there anymore. Amazingly, he seems to know when the bell would ring and he’ll end the class and get out of the room a few seconds before.

"Do you know what the cafeteria has for today?" Rin asked Warren randomly and yawned to fully wake herself up again.
"Oh, well, I heard they made some egg sandwich," Warren narrowed his eyes as he concentrated, "Oh! And some pie."

"PIE???" Rin’s eyes widened.
"Um, yeah?"
"What kind of pie?" She asked hyperly like a little kid. Warren looked at her weirdly but answered anyway.
"Egg pie...?"
"Oooooh," she finally calmed down since it was just egg pie. But if it was apple pie, she might be squealing all the way to the cafeteria.

"Mr. Barton," a low voice suddenly spoke as they got out of the Science room. They turned around and much to their surprise, it was Sir Malfeur.
"Oh, good morning Sir." Warren greeted calmly and bowed, while Rin kept fidgeting in her spot since it’s the first time she’s this close to Sir Malfeur. He looked really scary.

"Likewise. And who’s this with you? Ms...?"
"Ah, um, H-harper, Sir. R-rin Harper." She wanted to smack her head for stuttering.
"Oh, so you’re the transferee." He nodded and scanned her from head to toe, making her more uncomfortable. "I’m sorry if this is the only time I’m able to speak to you personally."

"Ah, it’s fine, Sir. I don’t mind." Rin smiled kindly.
‘Actually, it’s totally fine if you didn’t talk to me at all,’ she thought deep inside.

"How nice of you, Ms. Harper. Well, I see you’re doing pretty well in Rockwell, since Mr. Barton is with you." He spoke such a simple sentence but it sounded elegant yet creepy at the same time.

"Oh, yes sir. He’s really nice." She smiled awkwardly.
"Yes, indeed he is," he looked over at Warren the same way as he did with Rin earlier. "He tends to take care of his friends all the time. I actually admire that since I never had such a friend ever in my life."

'That must be why he’s so creepy,' a voice said in Rin’s brain again, but she kept her face straight and nodded at what Sir Malfeur said.

"That’s flattering, Sir. Thanks." Warren smiled nicely, and the teacher just twitched one corner of his mouth in reply and fixed his glasses.
"Oh well, students. I have to go now. Mr. Barton, I hope you take care of Ms. Harper like your other friends. Keep her away from trouble and enjoy living." He turned around and left before the two could even say goodbye. Rin exhaled loudly.

"That was awkward. Do we really have to talk formally when in front of him? Like, ‘That’s flattering, Sir’ or ‘How nice of you’. It sounds so fake."

Warren nodded in agreement. "No one is really comfortable when talking to him. It’s like he’s meant not to be talked to."
"The way he said ‘enjoy living’ sounded creepy." Rin shivered. "I know it’s supposed to be positive but it sounded like we’re going to die soon so we have to enjoy while we’re still breathing." Warren chuckled at her wild imagination and started walking. Rin was about to say something again, but was stopped when she suddenly experienced deja vu.

"What?" Warren asked when he saw her stop walking and eyes wide at a certain part of a wall.
"Déja Vu," she simply said. Warren sighed.
"It happens at times. No need to worry."
"I know, it’s just that I have never felt déja vu on a...," Rin stared at the blank wall in front of her. "...A boring wall."
Warren laughed. "You’re the first person to ever say that. You have such a weird imagination."
"Oh, look who’s talking! A member of the weirdos is telling me that I’m weird?"
"But you’re a member too."
"Touché." Rin narrowed her eyes and made a finger-gun at Warren. He just laughed. "Oh well. It might be that I have seen a boring wall in my past school and saw another one here. There are many boring walls in the world anyway."

When Warren heard the words ‘past school’, his curiosity about Rin switched on again. "Um, Rin, can I ask you something?"
"Okay...?" She answered, though slightly surprised by his sudden change in mood.
"Is it okay for you to tell me why you... you know, transferred here?" Warren asked carefully. After he said that, Rin’s face fell as all the bad memories rushed into her mind just within a second. Warren sensed the silence so he slightly panicked. "It’s okay if you don’t want to. I was just curious anyway..."

"No, no, it’s okay. It’s just... too sad." Warren nodded understandingly. "Oh boy, where do I start?" Rin tried to laugh.

"Well, it was all because of trusting the wrong people. It was all going fine at first since I had friends to talk and laugh with. They didn’t know what I was in those times. Then, I thought I could really trust them already so I told one of them about me. I knew she was horrified, but I was too dumb to consider that fact. She promised not to tell anybody, but she couldn’t help it so she told the others behind my back."

She smiled weakly, which made Warren feel more sorry for her. "The news quickly scattered in campus and I only noticed it when people started to look at me in disgust. They call me names like alien, freak, monster, and the most hurtful of all: spawn of the devil. I tried my best to endure it all. I was doing completely fine at first, until the bullying worsened and they started to hurt me physically. I just protected myself and fought back when needed. I tried running away, but the problem just appears again the next day."

"Oh, so that’s why..." Warren whispered, finally understanding why Rin doesn’t like the idea of running away.

"But this is the ultimate reason why I really had to transfer and leave the town." Rin almost sounded proud of herself. "One day, everything suddenly went peaceful. I thought it was because they got tired of me, decided to stop it all. But then, as I was walking home, a group of students approached me. There were around ten of them."

Warren’s eyes widened at the huge number. "They surrounded me. They had things with them: Pepper spray, water gun, etcetera. Hopefully, only a few of them brought dangerous ones."

He started to wonder about what those dangerous things were like, while Rin reminded herself to leave out the part where she broke the arms and noses of some of them. "As expected, they beat me up, and since I had no choice, I used my powers. I magnetized them here and there, making things float over their heads... It drained out my energy, though, since there were a lot of them."

Warren nodded in understanding, because he also feels drained out at times when he overuses his powers. "So, knowing that I’ll be totally dead if I stay there in one more hour, I ran back home, told my mom everything, and we packed and moved here in Arkansas."

Rin stated as if saying that it was a happy ending of a story.
"So, did your mom know all along that you have powers?"
"Yep. Since I started to get harshly bullied, she decided to always keep our things in baggage so we could move quickly in case those things happen. She even had a few extra sim cards for me so no one could know where I am."

"That must have been hard..." He whispered softly. Rin smiled at him and tapped his shoulder.
"It was, yeah. But it’s okay now. I’m living a new life here with you, my dear weirdo friends. At least now I know I’m not alone."

Warren smiled back and couldn’t help but admire the girl beside him. At one look, you wouldn’t be able to know that she’s that strong type of person that could stand against many people. It must have been extremely hard to go through all that alone, with only your mother to cry to.

For once, Warren felt proud to be with someone as awesome as Rin.


Author’s Note-

Rin’s past life was really sad, wasn’t it? If it was me I would have probably ran away screaming like a kid on fire... yeah... Oh anyway, I could see you’re slightly freaked out by the Jethro-Rin couple. I’m guessing you like Warren with Rin, because of his kindness and gentlemanliness (not to mention the fact he’s an awesome athlete and probably has abs *squeals*). But how about Phyll and Jethro? They would be such a quiet couple, wouldn’t they? That would be totally creepy...

Just trust me with the romance, 'mkay? Since Jethro and Phyll would need someone to teach them how to feel... you know, act more humanly and less creepy.

Okay that’s it! I’m giving too much information already... teehee...*winks* Bye!!
Published: 5/22/2012
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