5 Secrets: Chapter 14

So, you might be startled by the weird schooling system that would be seen in this chapter. But please, just don't pay too much attention to it, because I don't really know how the scheduling system is like in other countries, so I kinda mixed ours. Thanks!
Ah, finally. It's the most blessed day of the week: Friday!

Rin quickly got out of bed and showered. After dressing up, she went down to the kitchen to be greeted by the yummy smell of pie. This is one of the reasons why Friday is a special day for her. Her mom only bakes pies when if there's an occasion or if it is Friday.

"Good morning huny," Mrs. Harper kissed her daughter's forehead and placed the freshly baked pie on the table. No matter how hot it was, Rin endured it and took a slice with her bare hand. Her mom chuckled and took the seat across her to grab her own slice.

While Rin was devouring the apple pie, the happening from yesterday suddenly appeared on her mind. She froze in place as the images of Phyll's scary glare, Zee's frightened face, and the driver's pleading face flashed behind her eyes.

"Is something wrong, huny? Isn't the pie delicious?" Her mom broke into her thoughts. She slightly hesitated if she should tell her mom about it, but it would only make her worried even though Rin would insist that nobody's hurt. Also, it breaks her heart to see her mom panicking in worry. In the end, she just decided not to.

"Oh, nothing mom. I just thought about one of our assignments. I slightly forgot that I already finished it." She lied smoothly, and her mom quickly believed it. When she already got her full on the pie, she decided to go to school already. Mrs. Harper bid goodbye and soon, she's walking towards school.

It still bothered her every time she thinks about the déja vu. She wanted to believe that it was just coincidence, since it happened in the hallway too, but something is telling her that it's not.

Rin was too deep in thought that she didn't notice someone walking beside her and studying her face.

"Rin?" The person spoke, making her jump. It was Zee. "Why are you staring into space while walking?"
"Um... Just thinking about random stuff." Zee nodded and continued walking silently. Rin noticed this weird change in her. Usually, she would start talking about many things and never stop.

"Why do you seem so silent today?"
"I hate Friday." She whined.
"Why do you hate Friday? It's like, the most awesome day of the week!"
Zee stared at her as if she grew 5 noses. "Didn't you see the Friday schedule in your timeline?"
"Friday... schedule?" Rin mumbled as she took out her timeline from her bag to check. She thought that the schedule she knew was the same for the whole week. But indeed, the Friday schedule was separated from the regular schedule. There were only three subjects to take, but they were two-hour classes. Worse, P.E was one of those subjects. Rin was horrified.

"See? That's why I hate Friday." Zee pouted, while Rin stared at the schedule for 30 full seconds, half expecting for it to change. But of course, it didn't.

"Do we really have to take this for two hours?" Rin yelled and Zee nodded. After absorbing the information in, she just sighed in defeat. She felt kind of stupid for not being able to see that weird schedule earlier before. She's starting to feel like hating Friday, too.

"Maybe I could get used to this soon. In my previous school, the schedule isn't like this."
Zee nodded. "Rockwell High is really different from other schools. I guess our principal is weird." Rin just laughed.


[P.E Class, First Period]

Rin, Warren, Phyll and other more students stood in front of the P.E teacher, Ms. Alice Greene. Yes, she's a female, but you could see her strength just by the way she stands up and how her face held that solid, determined expression. Rin really admired that.

"I'll divide you into three groups, so you wouldn't look too messy while doing the activities." Ms. Greene announced with a loud but clear voice. After ordering the students to go here and there, the class was finally divided into three. Rin and Phyll were in the same group but sadly, Warren was in a different one.

"Phyll, take care of her alright?" Warren requested. Phyll just rolled her eyes and turned to Rin.
"Hey Harper, make sure you ate enough breakfast today."
"Hey, don't scare her!" Warren frowned at the smirking girl. Before he was forced to separate from them, he showed a thumbs up sign to Rin, in which she smiled in appreciation.

"Okay," Ms. Greene clapped to get everyone's attention. "Group 1, proceed to the oval. Group 2, dodge ball, and Group 3, stay here in the gym." Phyll and Rin followed the instructions and went to the oval with their group mates. They automatically stretched before stepping into the oval.

"Are you ready? We'll have to do 5 laps." Phyll smirked at her. Rin scanned the oval and it didn't seem as large as what she thought. She can do this. Ms. Greene blew the whistle and the group started jogging. Everyone looked fine at first, but after the third lap, heavy breathings and loud huffs could be heard. Only a few were still able to breathe properly, and that includes Rin and Phyll.

"You're pretty good," Phyll complimented Rin as they continued jogging. There was no sign of sweat on her, probably because she could control the wind to cool down her body.
"You too," Rin still said, even though she knew that Phyll could endure this due to her powers. But when it comes to Rin, her power has nothing to do with this. She could finish 5 laps without feeling exhaustion because she's really physically fit. 3 years of Taekwondo really pays off in these times.

When it came to 5th lap, several students gave up and collapsed on the grassy ground. They couldn't help but feel awe and envy while watching Phyll, Rin, and 2 other students finish the lap without a drop of sweat.

"Did you do all 5 laps?" Rin was surprised when Ms. Greene asked her.
"Um, yes ma'am...?" The teacher scanned her for a moment, and nodded in approval. She left to check on the other groups, leaving Rin confused.

"Did you get in trouble?" Phyll appeared beside Rin.
"No. Well, I don't really understand. She asked me if I did all 5 laps, I said yes, and then she left nodding." Phyll was just staring at her, which made Rin slightly panic. "Am I in trouble?"

Phyll heavily sighed. "No, you aren't. I hate to admit this but, you finished 5 laps with ease just like me, but I cheated. While you... You didn't use your powers, did you?"

"No, I didn't."
"Well then, it's probably because you're a new face here, and you have very good stamina. Not many students are like that, that's why Warren is very popular here."

"Oh..." Rin nodded.
"How did you become like that anyway?" Phyll's tone changed back to normal, or should I say, monotone.
Rin was slightly taken aback by her question. "Excuse me?"
"How did you have such stamina?" Rin quickly thought about what's the best thing to answer, since she'll feel embarrassed if she'll say she took Taekwondo.

"Um, I dunno, probably because I ran a lot?"
Phyll narrowed her eyes on her, but didn't dig the subject further and left.


[Morning Recess, Cafeteria]

"Ah! I'm so tired!" Zee threw her fork due to frustration, but picked it up again anyway.
"Aren't we the ones supposed to say that?" Rin questioned, pertaining to the tiring two-hour P.E class. Phyll and Warren nodded in agreement. Zee pouted and ate her pasta with a heavy heart. While the others were busy staring at Zee's sorrowful face, Rin took out her timeline to check what's her next class.

"Oh, we still have Arts during Friday?" Rin mumbled more to herself, but the others heard and Zee immediately brightened up by hearing this. Phyll facepalmed while Warren clucked his tongue. Zee's very quick change in mood isn't normal at all, but on second thought, nobody's normal among them, right?

"Is that your second class? If then, we're in the same class again!" Rin nodded, and Zee squealed. But her expression darkened as she looked at Jethro. "But emo boy is in Arts class too."

Jethro rolled his eyes.
Rin found nothing wrong about that, so she said to Zee, "Well, there's nothing wrong about that, right? Maybe you just have to ignore him if you really can't endure seeing him."

Jethro immediately glared at her, in which Rin was surprised because she didn't even say anything wrong. Or did she...?

"Aww, don't say that!" Warren said in a cute voice after seeing Jethro's unnecessary reaction to Rin's statement, "Jethro's feelings are getting hurt!"
It was now his turn to be glared at. Phyll joined the joke and said, "Yeah, we don't want him to cry, right?"

"Stop it, or else I'll put an illusion on you." Jethro viciously said. If he said that to normal people, they might have cried and peed their pants in fright, but since it's the weirdos, they just laughed at him making him more irritated. After laughing and finally getting back to their senses, they were surprised to see their foods gone. All eyes turned to Jethro.

"Give us back our food!" Zee pointed an accusing finger at him. Jethro pretended to hear nothing while trying to hide his smug face.
"Hey, I'm still hungry. Give it back now." Phyll glared at him but still, nothing. She froze his pasta as payback. Finally, he glared back at her, making Phyll smirk. "What? I'm just being fair."

"Jethro, give us back our food." Rin spoke with irritation obvious on her face. She didn't even participate in annoying him, but still, her food disappeared along with the others.

"Or else what?" Jethro spat.
"Or else I'll use my power on you." She shrugged. Phyll and Warren silenced and paid attention to her, since they haven't witnessed how she uses her powers. Except Zee, of course, so she was giddy with excitement. This could be awesome.

"Whatever." Jethro chuckled.

'Oh, so he's underestimating me?' Rin thought while watching him with amused eyes. 'Let's see if he still could chuckle later.' And so, she abruptly removed his gravity. The reaction on his face was priceless.

"What the hell..." He muttered and clutched his stomach. He then glared at Rin who was smiling innocently. Phyll and Warren, on the other hand, were surprised that Rin's power was actually that powerful. They thought she could only magnetize and make things float, nothing cooler than that. Phyll nodded in approval while Warren and Zee looked like proud parents.

"That would really take a while to turn back to normal." Zee informed Jethro, who was already trying to hold back his vomit. He put his arms on the table and laid his head on them, hoping to get more relaxed by that. If he would stand up run to the washroom, his ego would surely go down the drain too.

"Are you really not going to give back our pastas? I can do that again." Rin shrugged, and he panicked. If she'll do that again, he might puke out his internal organs already. He tapped his hand on the table and their food appeared in the blink of an eye. They happily cheered and started eating, while Jethro continued suffering all by himself.

'If only I knew her power is this horrible,' Jethro thought with gritted teeth, 'AHH!! I shouldn't have underestimated her...'

He lifted his head to glare at Rin despite the pain which, thank the glorious heavens, was starting to subside. Rin noticed his glare.

"Um, I can bring you back to normal right now. I just have to increase your gravity a little bit..."
"Forget it!" He yelled to cut off Rin. She just gave a pouty glare and went back to eating.

'Ah, she's really annoying!'


[Author's Note]

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Published: 5/31/2012
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