5 Secrets: Chapter 15

It's Friday, the most awesome day of the week. But what's this? Another near-death experience for our Weirdos? Read on to find out!
For Rin, Arts class during Friday would really drive her insane. She was forced to sit between Zee and Jethro, who were complete opposites. On her left was a very hyper kid while on her right was a glaring cold-hearted man. And that was for two hours.

At one time, Jethro seemed to annoy Rin so he made her sketch pad appear and disappear. Rin threatened to use her power on him, and he immediately behaved. After Arts was lunch break, and then the last two-hour subject, meaning that they could go home early at 3:30, thirty minutes earlier than usual.

"I have T.L.E for last," Rin informed, "Anyone has the same class as me?"
Nobody nodded or said yes, making her sigh. "I guess I'm alone then."
"Sorry Rin, I've got P.E. Worse, Jethro is my classmate again." Zee patted her back. Jethro scoffed from a distance.

"Me, boring Arts." Phyll said flatly.
"Hey, Arts isn't boring!" Zee pouted.
"I have basketball practice. Sorry too." Warren smiled apologetically.
"What? Is that a subject? Isn't that supposed to be included in P.E?"

Warren chuckled at Rin's question. "No, that's a special subject, actually. The students in first section have the freedom to exchange one regular subject with a special subject. The choices are Spanish, French, or German. Meanwhile, varsity players, no matter what section they're in, are able to choose a certain sport. But if a student is both in a first section and is a varsity player, then he could only exchange either a language or a sport. They couldn't be taken at the same time."

"That must be awesome... I wish I'm in first section too." Rin pouted. After the bell rang, she had no choice but to go to her class alone. It was a long class like expected, and the heat of the stove was killing her. If only she had Phyll's power, she would never have to sweat so much.

Rin was surprised to see Warren, Jethro, Zee, and Phyll outside the T.L.E room after bell.

"What brought you here, guys?"
"It's still too early, so I think we could go hang out together." Warren answered with a smile. Zee looked as excited as him, but Phyll looked like she didn't care. Jethro just looked neutral.

"Um, okay. But where do we go?" Rin asked as they started to walk to the gate.
"StuffyStore!" Zee squealed.
"No way. Maybe the Seasons Café again, since I'm a little bit hungry." Phyll suggested, and the others immediately agreed because they all knew that the food there was remarkably good. They walked together but since Phyll had her skateboard, she rode it every now and then, but made sure that she's not leaving the others behind. After they got their full at the café, they decided to go to an arcade to kill time. It was still 4:30.

Of course, Zee went to the stuffed toys while Warren went to shoot hoops. He earned admiring looks from a lot of people because he never missed a shot. Rin went to the power meter and won 3 packs of Cheetos and 2 sodas. She left the spot, leaving the man in charge in awe. The disc looked like it was going to fly up to heaven when she smashed the spring with the hammer. The two poker faces, Phyll and Jethro, played Top Gun. They were too into killing animated people that they didn't notice Warren, Zee, and Rin approach them.

"Hey, enough of that. Let's go." Warren just chuckled when they glared at him at the same time. They went out of the crowded place, once again reunited. They shared the 3 packs of Cheetos, and they had no problem with the soda because Jethro produced 2 more out of nowhere. How? Magic, of course.

"Zee, how were you able to win a stuffed toy there?" Rin asked her when she noticed her holding a pink teddy bear. "The chances of winning there is like, one in a million! I could swear they put oil on the clamps."

Zee giggled playfully before answering. "I cheated."

Oh, of course. Her obsession in stuffed toys could make her do such evil things.
"Are we going home now?" Phyll asked. Warren scratched his imaginary beard.
"Um, I think so. It's past 5 now and we already had fun, so... yeah."
"But we haven't visited StuffyStore yet!" Zee pouted.
"You already have a stuffed toy with you! You really do have 5-year-old kid's brain." Phyll sighed.

Rin laughed at their mother-daughter relationship.
"You know, you really look like-" she was cut off when déja vu occurred to her. Everyone turned to look at her.

"I don't feel good about this." She mumbled and right after, a loud screech on the road was heard. Their heads shot up and saw a huge flammable truck wiggling from left to right, as if losing control. If that crashes, everything near it would be burned to ashes, mainly half of the town.

Rin quickly removed the gravity of the truck but because of its size, it wasn't easy. The wheels floated for about 2 inches from the ground, and the wiggling slowly ceased. Rin set it down on the ground and immediately felt exhausted. Warren searched for the break wires of the truck through his mind, and found out that it was cut. He ordered Phyll to freeze it and fortunately, the truck stopped safely, with a little help of Jethro's ropes that appeared out of nowhere and attached itself to the truck's rear. The group, slightly tired and shaken, went to check on the driver if he's alright.

The old man almost fell to the ground face first if only Warren didn't catch him. He looked very pale and was shaking very badly.

"I didn't know what happened... I didn't know..." he mumbled and fell to his knees. He sobbed and Warren tried to comfort him. Rin went to call the police to tell them what happened, but she wouldn't tell that they saved the truck with their superpowers, of course. They just have to know that the town was almost reduced to ash, and it was because of cut break wires.

"Hey, Phyll, unfreeze the wires before the police comes and check on it." Warren reminded, and Phyll nodded.
"I'm sad, I wasn't able to do something," Zee pouted. Rin tapped her shoulder softly.
"No, it's okay. The driver's fine now, right? There's no need to be sad."

Police sirens were heard and soon, the truck driver was being questioned by the police.
"....a-and then when I turned the corner... I-I don't know but I suddenly lost control! Th-th-the breaks wouldn't work but I swear it was fine when I left the station! Before I knew it, the truck stopped safely like a miracle!"

They heard the man answer with a shaking voice. They decided not to listen anymore and walked away.
"That's the second time already..." Rin mumbled to herself, but the others overheard her.
"Yeah, maybe drivers should start driving carefully or else there would be too much accidents." Warren agreed.

"I wasn't talking about that," Rin mumbled again, and they stared at her with puzzled faces. "I meant the déja vu. That's the second time that an accident almost happened right after I got déja vu."

They exchanged concerned looks before turning back to Rin who was staring at nothing while they walked.
"So you're saying the déja vu might be connected to the accidents?" Phyll asked. Rin nodded slowly.
"So maybe you have powers like predicting accidents through déja vu?" Jethro spoke this time. Rin thought for a moment.

"I'm not sure.... Maybe. But I'm sure that those are connected to the accidents." Rin shrugged and sighed heavily. She never liked puzzles like this. It ties her brain into knots, leaving her mind blank.

Warren tapped her shoulders. "I still don't know what's this all about, but I think something is going on out there. It might be something supernatural like us..."

All of them stared at Warren with serious faces. Warren continued. "I'm not sure about this but maybe... Just maybe," he looked at their expectant faces. "Someone is trying to kill everyone in this town."


[Author's Note]

Cliffhanger! Please don't hunt me down or kill me.... I just had to leave you on the edge because it would take a while for me to update again. Well, sadly, school already started and I will have to study, do homework, blah blah blah.

I hope you won't hate me for this! Don't worry, I won't leave you alone guys. I've already come a long way, so I can't stop right here (sounds corny, but yeah...).

Also, I'm thinking about writing comment replies, but I'm not sure if I would do well... I'm not that good at replying to comments and I might end up saying the wrong thing and offending one of you... And I don't want that to happen. I'll think about it.

I'll try my best! Thank you!
Published: 6/6/2012
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