5 Secrets: Chapter 19

Blue cat? 4-eyed blobs? A man behind a tree? What other weird things could be here? Read on to find out!
Everyday after classes, the Weirdos would go straight to the skating court to "practice". After every session, Warren would make sure that they made improvements after doing their own practices, which were suitable to each individual's power. It was easy to think of the best activities for some of them like Zee, Phyll, and Warren, but when it came to Phyll and Jethro who had more powerful abilities, it was hard. Since Phyll was all about temperature, they had to build a 7x4ft metal box with a thermometer attached to it, to be able to test her temperature control without the other members freezing to death.

As for Jethro, they still had no idea how to measure his powers, but he said that it doesn't matter since he seems like he has no limitations. They have planned that after improving their powers, they'll move onto how to use them despite being exposed to their weaknesses.

Rin was weak to high-pitched noises since those irritate her ears so much that she couldn't concentrate, leading to her failure in controlling things. Zee's summoned drawings melt when exposed to water, since they were just drawn on paper. Phyll couldn't use her powers inside an enclosed room without ventilation, while Warren's weakness is only a huge distance from a tracking target.

"So," Warren exhaled after finishing their practice. He lined up the others, who were as exhausted as him. "Shall we report?"

"I drew a balloon but it still melted in water," Zee pouted, and Warren sighed.
"Zee, it wouldn't work like that. Whatever you draw, as long as it was on a paper, it would still melt in water. Maybe you should practice using permanent marker on wood or any other surface that water couldn't destroy."

Zee nodded. Phyll spoke next. "How the hell am I supposed to use my power in a tight room where I couldn't move properly?"

"You could. Just concentrate on your power, not on how tight your surrounding is."
Phyll rolled her eyes. "Anyway, the thermometer broke. You should get something that could endure a hundred Celsius."

Warren clucked his tongue and motioned for Rin to speak. "I found something awesome today." She was grinning wildly, and Warren raised his brows.

"I tried doing the reverse. Instead of making the metal block float, I tried increasing its gravity and it kind of flattened." Warren's head turned to the object she was pertaining to, and indeed, it was sort of flattened and almost shaped like a bell. This made Warren smile.

"I want you to practice that one. I think you still have a lot to figure out about your powers." He told her, and Rin nodded happily. Warren's eyes moved to Jethro who looked really bored.

"Do you have anything to report, Jethro?"
He stared at him first before answering. Then, a smirk formed on his lips. "Yep."
Suddenly, Jethro disappeared like dust, and the others' mouths hung agape.
"Close your mouths before you drool," Jethro said from a corner of the court. The one that disappeared was just his clone after all. Rin and Phyll rolled their eyes at his cockiness.

"The next time you do that, warn us okay? You keep on freaking us out!" Warren shook his head.

"Well, that's my specialty. Mind freak." He shrugged. Warren clapped his hands.
"Okay, class dismissed!"

"Wait, how about you Warren? How did you do?" Zee questioned. His eyes suddenly dropped to the ground.

"Sadly, no improvements. I'm stuck at 10 meters even though I tried many times. I still have to find more ways to be able to walk through walls better." The others understood him since they knew that he really tried his best.

"Oh well. I'm still happy that you keep on making improvements. It's getting a little late now, so we have to hurry home. Be careful on road!" They all parted ways and started walking to their homes. As always, Zee went to the Stuffy Store first. She summoned a blue cat named Bleep to walk beside her, just in case something bad happens. She entered the store with the cat trailing behind her. She was humming happily like the usual, but her awareness was on maximum which was what she has developed since all those accidents started to happen.

After a few minutes, she finally came out of the store with a new rabbit stuffed-toy sealed in a pink paper bag.

"Do you feel anything, Bleep?" She asked the cat and it only purred back. She scratched its furry chin and stood up. Suddenly, Bleep hissed and leaped onto her making her fall onto the sidewalk. A motorcycle passed by at full speed, missing her only by a fraction. Though her butt was still aching, Zee managed to stand up to command Bleep to stop the motorcycle, which looked like it was out of the rider's control. Bleep ran after the raging motorcycle and transformed into a leopard, then bit the mudguard. She transformed back to a cat after it stopped.

"Are you okay, mister?" Zee approached the driver.
"I'm really, really sorry miss," the mad immediately said. "I didn't know how I got to the sidewalk. Maybe I had too much coffee this noon..."

"It's okay, accidents happen. And yeah, maybe too much coffee is bad." Zee smiled, and Bleep suddenly leaped onto her arms. She giggled. "Hey there Bleep, I'm proud of you!"

"That's one unique cat you got there," the man's eyes narrowed, obviously freaked out by the cat's unusual color.
"Yeah, she saved my life. Blue is my lucky color." Zee turned around to leave, and accidentally saw a silhouette of a man behind a tree. Before she could look closely to see who it was, the man disappeared.


"What are you going to wear at the FS Night?" Rin asked Zee. The whole group was in the lounge, of course.
"I dunno," Zee shrugged. "But I'll make sure it would be awesome though. What about you, Phyll?"

"There is no way in hell that I'll go to that stupid party."
"Come on Phyll. That would be fun!" Zee encouraged, but she didn't seem to be convinced.
"What's fun? Prancing around in a silly dress and dancing in the dark like a moron?"
Zee and Rin rolled their eyes. "Fun: Fun like having fun with your closest friends!"

Phyll just stared at them, and then rolled her eyes. "Whatever."
"When is the FS Night again?" Warren asked.
Rin answered. "I think it's around February. It's either somewhere near Valentines or exactly on Valentines."
"Then I guess you still have around 2 months to plan on abducting Phyll," Warren joked and the others laughed.

"Don't you even dare try," Phyll hissed, and the room got colder. The laughter was reduced to giggles, making Phyll roll her eyes again.

"Oh, anyway, I felt déjà vu yesterday. Did any of you got into an accident?" Rin asked, and Zee raised her hand.

"A motorcycle almost ran over me. Good thing I kept Bleep by my side."
"She's my blue cat," Zee smiled. "Oh, and I saw a weird man behind a tree after the accident. He immediately disappeared before I could look closely, though."

"That must be Sir. Evans," Warren concluded.
"Of course, he's our killer after all." Phyll rolled her eyes.
"I think we should always have a lookout just in case he's around." Rin suggested and they nodded.

"I know, I'll give each of you a 4-eyed blob. All you need to do is put them on your shoulders whenever you go out alone, and they'll keep a lookout if something weird is around." Zee said.

"What? 4-eyed blob?" Phyll narrowed her eyes. Zee took out her notepad from her bag and summoned 4 jelly-like creatures. Indeed, they had 4 eyes each.

"Weird. Very weird..." Rin muttered when one blob crawled up her arm.
"They're cute little creatures, as you see."
"I disagree," Phyll said. Zee ignored her and continued talking.
"They could turn invincible so people wouldn't get freaked out by seeing them."
"I freaked out," Rin gulped while trying to move her head away from the creature on her shoulder.

Once again, Zee ignored the comment. "When they feel something bad, they hiss. They could also transform into something else to protect you, only if the situation demands it, and if you can't handle it alone."

"That's cool," Warren said. "At least we're starting to know how to defend ourselves."

"Not for me. I'm practicing to catch that damned teacher and freeze him to death." Phyll's eyes were full of hatred. Warren just sighed. He understood that she was the one most affected by this chaos due to breaking her arm twice.

"I'm not sure if you're serious or not, Phyll, but I still want to remind you that killing is bad." Rin said.
"I don't care. If one of you gets terribly hurt again, I won't think twice on hunting him down." Though it sounded scary and brutal, the others felt touched by the fact that even if she looks like a heartless person, she still actually care for her friends.


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Published: 7/30/2012
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