5 Secrets: Chapter 20

If there's something red in a snow, it's just paint, right? ... Right?
"I shall name you…," Rin waved her finger in the air as she thought deeply. "Quaddle! Quad means four, and you have four eyes. That suits you."

The blob on her shoulder squeaked and smiled at her. "Oh look at you! You smile! Zee really could make her drawings very realistic."

It was a cold Saturday and Rin was window shopping for a dress for the FS Night. It just came across her mind since the group talked about it the day before. A colorful store caught her attention, so she entered freely. She shuffled some dresses inside, trying to search for the best one. She finally held two dresses of the same design but different colors in front of her.

"What’s prettier, sky blue or rosy red?"

Quaddle turned blue as an answer, making Rin smile. "Okay then. I’ll check that out next time if I don’t find something better." She went out of the third shop she has visited and continued walking around town. Even though she already has been here for almost 5 months, she still wasn’t familiar in some streets or parts of the place.

She walked across a small ice cream parlor that looked interesting, but decided against it since the environment is already a bit cold. It’s December after all, so she shouldn’t eat cold things unless she wants to get a cold.

"When do you think the snow would come down?" Of course, Quaddle could only squeak. A cold wind suddenly blew, and Quaddle hissed. "Hey, it’s fine. It’s just the wind."

She assured, but the blob continued hissing. She looked at the direction it was hissing at, and saw a silhouette of a man behind a tree, a few miles away. Only half of his body was visible and even it was blurred by the shadows, but Rin knew well who he was.

"Sir Evans…" she whispered, and the man gave a friendly wave as if he heard her. Quaddle leaped off her shoulder and transformed into a cheetah to run to Sir Evans. Though Quaddle was fast enough, his disappearance was still faster. A déjà vu occurred to Rin just as he disappeared.

"So that’s why…" she whispered. A loud creaking sound occurred behind her, and she immediately knew that she’s in danger.

A huge metal ball being carried by a crane was heading her way. She was stunned by its unbelievable size, but she snapped out of it and tried controlling the humongous ball. Its speed lessened but it was still approaching her. She needs more concentration. Rin silently prayed while trying to push it away, and closed her eyes when it was just a few feet away. Her practice would be like nothing if she won’t survive this.

Suddenly, she felt something warm flow throughout her body. Her energy seemed to double up and with a single contract of her fist, the metal ball crumpled like paper as if a giant invincible hand squeezed it. The thick wire holding it snapped from the pressure, making the ball drop to the ground with a loud ‘clang’. Bits of metals flew everywhere, and a huge black hawk suddenly stood in front of Rin, protecting her from the sharp debris. With its four eyes, she immediately knew it was Quaddle.

The very helpful creature transformed back to being a blob and hopped back to Rin’s shoulder. Still dumbstruck, she flopped down on the concrete floor while staring at the huge crumpled metal in front of her. Even the crane’s operator was dumbstruck, either because he almost killed someone with a gigantic demolishing ball, or because he saw Quaddle transform to different creatures.

Rin lifted her shaking hands to her face, and then stared at them as if someone else owned them. "How… How on earth did I do that?"


"It’s snowing!" Zee squealed and hopped on the thin layer of snow in the ground. It was a day before Christmas, so almost everything was covered in white. Of course, Zee was the most enthusiastic while the others were just neutral. Phyll was nibbling on her lip ring in boredom.

"It’s getting colder and I don’t have enough layers on, so wanna go to the coffee shop?" Warren suggested. They agreed and started walking westward. Rin was already getting shivers due to the cold and she only wore a thin jacket and a cardigan underneath. If only she knew it was going to snow while they’re in the middle of their mini-walkathon.

With a poker face, Jethro removed his jacket and put it over Rin’s shoulder. Warren wolf-whistled.

"Jethro is a sweet person after all!" Zee nudged Rin towards Jethro, making her blush. Jethro just looked away.

"Um… thanks…. For the jacket, I mean…" she mumbled awkwardly. He just nodded, still looking away. Though in the middle of awkwardness, a déjà vu made Rin freeze. The others knew what this mean, and switched their awareness level to max. They stood there, back-to-back, bodies tensed and eyes moving from one place to another, ready for any sign of danger. They stayed like that for a few more minutes, but nothing happened.

"Look over there," Rin breathed and pointed to a direction. They followed and saw a snowman with letters written in red on its body.

"Soon, children." It said.


Author’s note

The FS Night is just on the next chapter! I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait!
Published: 8/9/2012
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