5 Secrets: Chapter 21

February 14: Valentine's & FS Night. What things could happen in such an important night? If you have been waiting for the romance between Rin-Jethro, you better read this. And maybe another couple would bloom.
"NOOO!!" Phyll's screech could almost be heard throughout Zee's house. Instead of getting scared of her unbelievably scary eyes, Rin and Zee just smirked. They're too determined to initiate their plan to back out.

"Don't kill her," Warren joked from outside the house. Beside him was Jethro who was wearing a black long sleeve and tie. Actually, both of them were formally dressed. It was February 14, the day for the FS Night, and also for Valentine's. And now, Zee and Rin were on a mission to make Phyll wear a dress.

"If you dare bring that... that thing near me, I'll turn your house into a huge refrigerator!" She screeched once again while glaring at the black dress Zee was holding. It had cute red frills and a thin red see-through cloth over the skirt. To top it all, a blackish-reddish heart gem was placed at the center. Despite its beauty, Phyll still didn't like it, so Rin had to hold her hands together behind her to keep her from running away. Thanks to Rin's strong arms, she had no way of escape.

"Why don't you like it? I especially made the designs that suit you!" Zee pouted.

Zee rolled her eyes and stepped closer. Phyll started squirming from Rin's gasp, but nothing happened. Finally, she gave up and just glared at Zee's every move. The room suddenly turned colder, but her two captors were well prepared. They wore jackets.

"I can't believe you could betray me like this."
"Well, believe it." Zee smirked. She summoned 4 of her trusty rabbits and made them hop to Phyll. They started unzipping Phyll's jacket and removing her studded belt.

"Wh-what are these doing?!!" Her eyes widened.
"We can't put this dress on you if you still have something else on." Rin stated as a matter-of-factly.

"Y-you're undressing me? NO!" She squirmed once again and the others just rolled their eyes. Then, with a cute but naughty smile, Zee approached Phyll.


"I'm proud of myself," Zee breathed while staring at Phyll.

"Me too," Rin said. Finally, she was wearing the dress. Plus, they already finished her hair and makeup, so the person standing before them looked like a different person. She was a gorgeous girl with soft curves and a flawless body. Okay, they kinda cheated on the flawless part. They covered her scars with tons of concealers.

Phyll just stared back at Zee and Rin while standing awkwardly. She kept on holding down the skirt to her thigh, not used to feeling her bare thighs touching each other.

Rin closed her gaping mouth. "We should stop drooling now. If we don't finalize everything, we might be late for the program." Zee agreed and pushed Phyll to the mirror, to let her see her own transformation.

"Before anything else, say hello to the new you." Zee smirked. Phyll blankly stared at her reflection, but they all knew she was also in awe.

"This is your fault."
"You're welcome," Zee said sweetly and reached out to Phyll's lip ring. Her hand was quickly slapped away.

"What are you doing?"
"You should take that off. It doesn't suit your look for tonight."
"No. Never." She glared. She looked cute rather than scary because her eyes weren't hidden behind her bangs anymore. She looked much innocent.

"Why do you love that so much? It doesn't even look very nice..." Rin asked.
"This is my only way of tracking the temperature I'm making. I don't feel the temperature myself, so I need this. I won't take it off."

"Okay," Zee clapped her hand. "Let's leave that ring alone. Time to go!!"
"When are you gonna come out?" Warren asked impatiently from outside. Rin yelled back.

"Yeah, we're going to come out now!" After hearing that, Jethro and Warren turned to the front porch. They waited for the door to open, and for the girls to bring out their masterpiece.

And there she was.

"My God... Who is that?" Warren gaped at the girl in the black dress. She rolled her eyes.
"Definitely Phyll," Jethro nodded. "Only the girly version."
Awkwardly, Phyll walked down the steps in the elegant heels Zee gave her. On the last step, she almost tripped, but Warren caught her. He clucked his tongue.

"I don't know how they did that, but they made a great job." Phyll glared.
"What? That was a compliment! You look amazing." Warren showed his charming smile. Phyll just looked away.

"Oh, and by the way," Warren knelt down on one knee and took out a ring with a red plastic rose attached to it. "Would you be my date for tonight? I haven't asked anyone and it's kind of too late to search now so... I could just ask you."

Shocked, Phyll just stared. Then she looked away, embarrassed. "Whatever." Warren grinned and fixed the flower ring to Phyll's ring finger.

"And we finally have a couple!" Zee yelled, embarrassing Phyll further. Warren just laughed. Rin and Zee finally came down the steps in their own pretty dresses. Rin was in the blue dress, she checked out on the store with Quaddle, while Zee was in a cute layered knee-length one.

"I need a date too," Zee mumbled to herself. She took out her black purse, which contained drawing materials instead of cosmetics, and summoned a very handsome boy in tuxedo. Everyone's jaws dropped. He looked like he came straight from an anime movie.

"I have never thought I'll see an anime character in real life." Rin almost felt honored.
"Hey, Rin, maybe you're forgetting you still don't have a date." Warren pointed out.
"And Jethro too," Zee added. They looked at the two, who were awkwardly glancing at each other. Fortunately, Jethro had the initiative and approached her. He did what Warren did to Phyll, only that he kept on avoiding eye contact.

"Uh... Would you be my date for tonight?"
"U-uh... O-okay..." Rin looked away as Jethro wore the flower ring on her finger with a pink glow on his face.

"Shall we go?" Zee squealed and hooked her arm with her handsome date. Everyone else nodded and they went inside the black limousine Jethro provided.


"These heels are killing me," Phyll muttered darkly.
Warren chuckled. "Don't worry, you look great."
"You could stop complimenting me now."
"Okay," he suppressed his smile and continued guiding her through the thick crowd with his hand gently placed on her back. Loud music was blaring through the huge speakers and some people were dancing to the beat. They avoided the swaying hips and arms and went to a peaceful corner. Fortunately, there was a table for 5 there.

"Where is your date going to sit?" Warren asked Zee.
"Nah, he could just stand. It's okay for him, right, Rho?" Zee said, and the boy smiled in agreement.
"Rho? Cool name." Rin complimented.
"Thanks," he suddenly said and bowed, surprising the others. Then he went back to leaning on a wall beside Zee. Everyone stared at each other.

"Honestly, I have never been to this kind of party before." Rin broke the silence.
"I'll go get some drinks." Phyll muttered and walked to the drink station. Some boys kept on staring at her, wondering who she was. Phyll ignored the attention. She grabbed 5 fruit sodas from the cooler and when she turned around, she was greeted by 2 boys she didn't know.

"Hey," the blonde one said. "I haven't seen you before. What section are you in?"
"Wanna have a dance with us?" The second one immediately said. Before Phyll could say a witty remark, Warren appeared beside her.

"Sorry boys, but she's my date for tonight." Warren grabbed 3 of the cans from Phyll to lessen her load. "Come on Phyll, the group is waiting for us." Before they walked away, they saw the boys' surprised faces.

"Sh-she's Phyll?"
"Unbelievable dude..."

It took a while for the two to go back to the table because of the thick crowd, but when they finally got there, the group was very silent.

"Rin keeps on experiencing deja vu," Zee explained, worry obvious on her face. Rin had her eyes tightly closed and was gripping the edge of her chair tightly. "She said that everywhere she looks, deja vu occurs. It's making her dizzy."

"I'll go get some water," Jethro said and was about to stand up, when a certain voice made all of them freeze in motion.

"Look who dared to attend this party," it was Kurtis. "Weirdos. Do you really think you fit into this kind of thing?"

Warren ignored her and turned to Jethro. "Go get the water now." He nodded and left. Kurtis discovered the situation and smirked.

"Look, Harper can't even take the surroundings! Dizzy, isn't she? You better leave now before she pukes all over the place."

"This is not the right time, Shire. Just leave us alone." Warren said in a low tone. Strangely, Kurtis considered the warning and stepped back. She was looking at Warren carefully, as if she's a pet scared of its owner.

"W-whatever." She mumbled and walked away. Warren exhaled and sat beside Rin.
"Do you still feel dizzy?"
Rin opened her eyes wide. She looked horrified. "Something's wrong."

Suddenly, the music slow-mo'd, causing the music to be distorted. Then it was silent. The group looked around and saw that all the people were frozen in motion. At first they thought it was a weird stop-dance game, but when they saw a person on a weird angle as if about to trip and a tipped glass with its contents frozen on mid-air, their eyes widened.

"D-did time just stop?" Zee squeaked. A shiver went up Rin's spine.
"I have a bad feeling about this.


Author's Note

If I don't get enough comments here, I might delay posting the next chapter. Sadly, in the previous chapter, I only got one comment *cries* though I still got more than 1,000 readers. Please don't be mad at me! That's what most authors ask for. Oh, and the boy in the picture is Rho. Yes, that's Zero from Vampire Knight. Handsome, isn't he?
Published: 8/20/2012
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