5 Secrets: Chapter 25

Warning: Includes mild swearing, violence, and kick-ass scenes. Are you ready?
If only her eyes weren't that sharp, Rin wouldn't have noticed the thick mass of shadows heading towards them. Before the others knew it, a huge crowd of all the same features- the face, the suit, and that creepy Cheshire smile- emerged from the halls and charged towards them. Rin immediately ran and gave a clear roundhouse kick to the nearest Malfeur, making him turn to dust. She expected Warren and the others to start attacking too, so she was confused when they just stood there, gaping.

"What are you waiting for?" She yelled as she punched another Malfeur's face.
"She... her kick..." Warren mumbled.
"Taekwondo," Zee chuckled and summoned her vines. They crawled on the floor as drawings at first to be less noticeable, and then popped out of the ground to choke about 5 Malfeurs at the same time. The thorns dug into their skin, and they immediately turned to dust.

Not wanting to be left out of the action, Phyll started throwing flaming punches to the clones. She moved so quick that the victims didn't even know where they were hit. Phyll and Rin glanced at each other and exchanged smirks.

"They're having fun, aren't they?" Warren mused, and beside him was Jethro who just nodded. They kept on watching Rin in awe. Her mind-blowing kicks and punches looked so dangerous; deadly, almost. Zee noticed this and chuckled once again, and just continued manipulating her deadly vines even though she was just standing there like a mere bystander.

"Tell me when I have to kick in," Jethro mumbled to Warren, and he nodded. Just a few meters away were Rin and Phyll kicking ass. At first, they felt so hyped up that they almost didn't want the action to stop, but when they noticed that the clones didn't stop coming, frowns slowly took over their faces.

"Warren, where the hell are they coming from?" Phyll screeched.
"Apparently, out of nowhere."
"Then how would this end?" Zee's brows furrowed. Somehow, Malfeur figured out a way to dodge her vines so she had to summon the self-destructing blobs instead. They were cute little furry creatures that suddenly explode once they cling onto something.

"There must be a way," Rin paused for a while to scan which area was the best target, and rammed her fist to the floor to abruptly strengthen the gravity north from her. About 20 or more clones toppled over and harshly slammed their heads to the ground, and tons of gray dust rose in the air. Just a few seconds later, new clones appeared.

"Stupid clones," Phyll grumbled and crushed the neck of the clone in front of her. She tightly closed her eyes and gathered all her breath. Her lip ring developing frosts was the only indication that she would do something big. She heaved out all her breath, which was blue and almost looked like shaved ice was mixed with it, and everything in front of her turned ice. Then she proceeded to smash all the frozen clones.

"Jethro," that was all Warren had to say. The silent boy gave a stern nod. Half of the crowd of Malfeurs suddenly froze, like they were deactivated robots.

"Zee, take this chance while Jethro's illusion is still on them." Warren directed, in which the girl nodded. The vines quickly doubled in size and started whipping the unmoving clones. They could say it was a great improvement; through Rin's continuous gravity slams, Phyll's freezing technique, and Zee's thorny vines, almost all the clones were gone. But of course, replacement clones still continued appearing. Zee suddenly flopped on the cold concrete, exhausted. Her vines slowly withered and melted back to drawings.

"We can't go on like this," Rin whispered to herself. She was starting to feel tired, too. She kept on racking her brain for any logical hypothesis, technique, or whatever that could end this endless battle.

Then something passed her mind.

The Malfeur that abducted her, didn't turn to dust when she inflicted pain on him, while these Malfeurs in front of her turn to dust right after they receive a simple punch or kick. If there are clones, then there must be an original. But how could they determine which one among them is the original?

Before Rin could try to think of an answer, pain shot through her head as she was punched on the jaw. The impact was quite strong that she had to take clumsy backward steps to avoid falling. There stood in front of her a smiling Malfeur, stroking his fist as though it was the most delicate thing on earth.

'Could he be the one?' Rin wondered, and quickly punched him across the face before he could even bat an eyelash. He turned to dust. 'They all look the same. How would I know?'

She forced her mind to flashback to where she first encountered Malfeur. What did he have on him that could indicate his originality? Maybe something on his face, or his hair, and he was only hiding it with that pandora hat?

Oh wait.

The pandora hat.

Rin looked at all clones. None of them was wearing a hat. That's it!

"Warren! Track the pandora hat! Sir Malfeur is wearing it!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. Warren immediately understood and scanned the whole campus.

"He's on the opposite side of the school." He was unsure if he'd succeed in teleporting across and back, especially by the fact that it was 15 miles away. But he had to try. "Jethro, wait for me until I get back. I'd be having Malfeur by then. If not, run to the opposite side of the school near the freshmen computer lab. I'd probably need help."

Jethro just nodded. Warren shut his eyes, gathered all his energy and prayers, and slowly sank to the ground. The image of a long, dark hallway slowly formed on his eyes. Finally, he stood there in one corner, and about ten feet away from him was Sir Malfeur, leaning casually against the wall with his back facing Warren. Fortunately, Malfeur didn't notice his appearance.

He took a careful step forward, making it as soft as possible to prevent any noise, but the man seemed to have strong senses that he abruptly stood upright when he sensed the slightest vibration. Warren had a mini panic attack and entered the nearest wall to hide himself. He was in the middle of blackness but as if he was looking through clear glass, he saw Sir Malfeur narrow his eyes and turn around to scan the place. He snarled when he saw nothing, and went back to leaning on the wall, but this time, his back was against it so he could see everything around him. But that only put Warren in advantage.

Warren's arms quickly emerged from the walls on both the teacher's sides, and they wrapped around his neck to bring him into the wall. He started thrashing about, obviously freaked out by the abrupt abduction. Good thing Warren had strong arms and a tall frame of 6"1, making him slightly taller than the teacher. He felt his energy slowly leaving him, but he did his best to get back to the group and have this done once and for all. He felt thankful when the image of the crowded intersection filled his eyes.

"He's here!" Rin announced. To Warren, her voice sounded like it came from a seashell. Everything felt dreamy. He was tired. He felt harsh tugs and scratches on his arm as Sir Malfeur tried to break free but he knew he had to hold on until Jethro comes and finishes him off. The silent boy stepped in front of them, holding the red knife Zee created, and Sir Malfeur immediately glared. His pandora hat fell from his head as he fiercely shook his head while trying to break free. Jethro already had the knife raised for the strike.

"No! He's mine!" Phyll growled at Jethro, startling him. Her eyes were burning from the thirst of killing Malfeur, and Jethro hesitated if he should bring down the knife or not, for she gave that aura that said, "If you don't follow me, I'll slit your throat later."

Jethro ended up stepping aside.

"No, we have no time!" Rin yelled, but the lip-ringed girl didn't listen. Malfeur harshly elbowed Warren's stomach, making him let go. Jethro tried to catch him but he kicked him away. A smirk formed on the man's lips.

Phyll formed icicles on her fists that were sharp enough to pierce through skin, and sidestepped to block Malfeur's path. He saw her approaching so he rammed his elbow down her shoulder, making her kneel in agony. She swore she felt something crack. Sir Malfeur cackled and jumped over her. Phyll cursed under her breath as she forced to move her arm. She twisted her torso to reach Malfeur, and her shoulder screamed excruciating pain. She ignored this and swung her fist full force.

Malfeur froze. His heart suddenly felt like an icicle protruded it. He looked down and indeed, four bloody sharp icicles were coming out of his chest. Phyll gave a broken smirk and dug her fist farther, making the man jerk.

"Painful, isn't it?" She chuckled near his ear, and he choked on the blood rising to his throat. The room turned ever so silent as all clones stopped moving and stared at the horrendous scene. The other weirdos did the same.

"This is for hurting my friends." She hissed as she punctured her other icicle-armed fist into his stomach. Malfeur screamed in pain.

"And this is for breaking my arm twice, asshole." She sent a huge gush of cold wind into his body, and he convulsed and took raspy breaths. Smoke came out of his mouth due to his body temperature degrading to a negative hundred. Blue branching lines started appearing all over his skin, which were his veins being frozen. Before every internal organ of his totally froze, he managed a creepy smile and said, "This isn't over, children."

Phyll withdrew her bloodied fists to let his hard, lifeless body drop to the ground. The clones turned to dust all at the same time, leaving the room with a nasty gray mess. The 5 people stared as Sir Malfeur's body slowly broke into small diamond like shards, and they slowly disappeared as they lifted in the air.

The tick of Warren's watch felt like heaven to their ears. The blaring music from the gym started playing again, too.

"So I guess it's all over now?" Zee asked, obviously trying to contain her smile. Rin answered her with a shrug, together with a smile. They both squealed and hugged like kindergarteners.

"You feeling better now?" Warren asked Phyll, who was wiping the blood off her fists with a scornful face. Warren was still lying down on the cold floor, too tired to stand up.

"Definitely," she smirked. She felt so relieved, proud, and bad-ass that she finally got to freeze the guts out of the man. Like, literally. Warren chuckled and looked up at the ceiling with half-lidded eyes. Weirdly, he actually liked the idea of sleeping right there, and the faint jazz music vibrating on the floor under his ear was like a lullaby to him. He felt himself getting hauled up and soft black hair brushed against his neck.

"You can't sleep right here. Especially when you're all bloody and bruised." Phyll grumbled and motioned for Jethro to help her, since her own shoulder wasn't feeling that well. Jethro nodded and obliged.

"Are we going back to the party?" Zee asked while scanning her own messy gown. A few specks of blood could be seen here and there.

"That would be a bad idea, don't you think?" A deep voice echoed from a certain hallway. Everyone reflexively crouched in a stance, just in case it's another enemy, but the voice was far from Malfeur's. They were shocked by the person who emerged from the shadows. It was Sir Evans. He had his hands in his pockets as he looked around the blood splotched room then at the 5 teens. His face looked bored as if walking into bloody people was the most normal thing on Earth.

"How long have you been here?" Warren weakly asked.
"Just a second ago," the teacher shrugged.
"I don't believe you. You have been watching us fight, right? And you didn't even help us?" Phyll growled.

"I see Malfeur's doing has broken your trust towards teachers." He chuckled. "I know that you already know I have powers. And I know about you. I may be a neutralizer, but I couldn't move too when he freezes time. All I could do is look around, unmoving, while alters things around and talk to his creepy clones."

"You saw how he makes his clones? How?" Zee curiously asked. Sir Evans chuckled.
"Why don't we get you all cleaned up first and talk about this somewhere... Light and not blood splattered?"

The group exchanged looks at first, and then nodded.


Yay finally the evil dude died.
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Published: 12/1/2012
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