5 Secrets: Chapter 26

Finally, our dear Weirdos will get to have a talk with Sir Evans. All misunderstandings will finally be banished, and all questions will be answered. That is Sir Dominic Malfeur's picture. Creepy, right? Contains final rankings for the readers!)
After cleaning themselves and their clothes in the SJ Building washroom which Jethro magically unlocked, the weirdos, together with Sir Evans, went to the Seasons cafe to have a little talk. It was something needed to have all the unanswered questions finally answered.

"So," Warren, being the leader he was, spoke first. The others didn't have the energy to speak and move anymore, because some muscles or bones were guaranteed to hurt if they did. They may have been able to wash off the blood and dirt, but not their bruises and wounds. Good thing not a lot of people were in the cafe, so they didn't have to worry about people staring. "You knew who Sir Malfeur was right from the start?"

"Yes," he answered as a matter-of-factly. "Once I see a person, I immediately know if he or she has a supernatural power."

Zee unconsciously nodded as she sipped on her strawberry smoothie. Phyll shamelessly yawned and flicked the floating coffee bean off her mug, while Rin and Jethro sincerely nodded.

Warren went on asking. "How does he make his clones?"
"They're not clones," Sir Evans sounded like he was amused. "But it's easier to put it that way, I think. Those are still him, but from another time."

"Are you saying he summons himself from the past and from the future?" Rin asked.
The man nodded, "There are bazillions of different Malfeurs. One from 8:00:00 am, one from 8:00:01 am, from 8:00:02 am, and so on and so forth." If Rin was drinking something, she would have choked on it, but thank the gracious heavens, she wasn't.

"You mean he could summon each of his body in all seconds of his whole existence?!" Zee sounded like a little child seeing Disneyland for the first time.

"Yes, precisely." The teacher smiled at her. Only then did the weirdos really realize how great Malfeur's power was.

"Wait," Phyll's eyes were narrowed at Sir Evans. "If you knew what that ass - that & Malfeur was, and have seen him talk to his clones, then why didn't you just kill him from the start? Why did you let the matters reach to this?"

"I knew you could defeat him. The first time I found out that all of you had powers, I knew your strong bond could take you to great lengths. I just wanted you to figure it all out on your own."

"By getting kicked, punched, and smashed by metal objects?" Phyll retorted, and almost winced at the bitter memory. She quickly shook it off anyway.

"But you lived through that, didn't you?"

Phyll averted her eyes. She wasn't offended. Instead, she felt proud. His words reminded her of the awesome things she had achieved. Like how she endured dozens of punches and kicks and was still able to stand up every time; how she found out she could form deadly icicles on her fists; and how she... killed the man she most hate?

Sir Evans continued talking. "Do you think you would know that someone was trying to kill you if I killed him at the beginning?"

"No, but you could have told us." Phyll muttered.
"Would you have even believed me?"
She opened her mouth to answer, but no sound came out. She just frowned and looked down. He was right. What would they have probably thought if Sir Evans approached them saying, "Hey kids, I just killed Sir Malfeur because he was plotting an evil scheme of killing all of you. And he controls time."

"What happens now?" Rin was pertaining to going home and have a peaceful rest, and was hoping that Sir Evans would send them home already.

"I'll be your tutor. I'll teach you on how to train your powers to their fullest." This brightened up the whole group. Their imaginations started roaming the farthest places, trying to picture their selves causing massive earthquakes, hurricanes, summoning comets, producing a black hole through sheer will, teleporting to the other end of the world, and other more things.

Jethro, on the other hand, was frowning due to a certain something that kept bothering him. He tried to keep it to himself, but eventually lost all his peace that he ended up blurting it out.

"Is all of this really over?" Sir Malfeur's statement before he died played in Jethro's mind over and over again. "This isn't over, children." And then it would repeat itself like a retarded pirated CD.

"I can't assure you that," Sir Evan's serious face sort of scared them. "I have heard a certain conversation of him where he spoke of a boss he liked to call Wylex. I heard him speak about 'the others', 'the members', and 'the spy.' I got a few hints of their plan, too. It seems like they're hiring people to abduct Eximies. They're trying to do something big."

"Eximies?" Rin questioned. Images of sparkly fairies and elves stirred in her mind. That was how the name sounded: like some sort of magical fairy that leaves glitters everywhere it flies over.

"That is what we are called. It's a Latin word which is 'eximius.' Try searching it up on the net if you like." He eye-smiled and stood up. The teens followed, but were careful about their sensitive wounds, of course.

"You kids better go home and take care of your wounds. In Phyll's case, maybe you'll need to have your shoulder x-rayed. It looks pretty broken." The girl just nodded. They went out of the cafe and the cool midnight wind greeted them, sending shivers all over Rin. Jethro silently slipped off his long sleeve vest and draped it over Rin's shoulder. She smiled at him in return.

"Sir," Zee's voice rang out in the open, "When you said they're abducting eximies, does it mean there are other more people like us?"

A knowing smile slowly formed on Sir Evans' lips. "Yes, dear. A lot of them."


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Published: 12/10/2012
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