5 Secrets: Chapter 3

Rin would finally meet the rest of the weirdos. Picture is of Warren!
The whole class was very silent as they struggled to finish Sir Malfeur’s activity, except for Warren and Rin. Just like what he promised, Warren helped her with her paper and they’re already done in 10 minutes. Good thing he has the habit of studying his lessons in advance.

"Is it normal here that everyone is quiet during class? ‘Cause in my past school, it isn’t." Rin whispered to Warren.

"It’s not. But in this class, we SHOULD be quiet. Sir Malfeur hates noises." Both of them glanced at the teacher to check if he heard their conversation, and he didn’t.

"Based on what I’ve heard from you and Kurtis, I’m guessing that he’s the scariest teacher here?"

"Yep. After what we experienced during his first outrage, we swore to ourselves we won’t be noisy in class ever again."

"Why, what did he do?"
"He made us sit on our hands, so we wouldn’t be able to cover our ears, while he scratched the blackboard with nails." Warren smiled as if he was telling a funny story.

"Ouch." Rin winced as she imagined the torturous sound made by the nails. If she was there, her ears might have bled.

"Pass your papers." Sir Malfeur suddenly said. Most of the students panicked and quickly wrote anything that comes in their minds. Rin and Warren, on the other hand, calmly passed their papers. Right after Sir Malfeur put all the submitted papers into a folder, the bell rang. He left the room without another word, and the students started making noise again.

"It's recess already, right?" Rin still asked, even though her timeline already said everything.
"Yep. So, are you going with me to meet the rest of the ‘weirdos’?" Warren smiled.
"Yeah, sure!"
"But, is it okay with your friend?" Warren’s eye moved to the back of the room to glance at Kurtis. She was still there, chatting with a few girls.

"I’m not sure but... Wait here, I’ll go ask her." Rin gave a quick smile to Warren before making her way to Kurtis.

"Hey, Kurtis." She smiled, but Kurtis and the other girls just raised their eyebrows at her.
"Rin," Kurtis said in a serious tone, "I am very disappointed in you. I thought you understood everything that I told you."

"Kurtis, it’s impossible to not to talk to your seatmate. I’m sorry, okay?"
"But, you were obviously having fun with him," Kurtis retorted. "I’m sorry, Rin Harper, but since you started being friends with him, technically, you can’t be friends with me anymore. You know, I tried to save you from a lonely, friendless, high school life hereby warning you, but you didn’t listen. You’re part of his league now, not mine."

Rin surely wanted to retort, but just bit her tongue since that wouldn’t be so nice.

"But, since you seem like a cool girl, I’ll give you one last chance. You could either stay with me and not be stuck with a bunch of loners, or go with that Warren Barton’s group of weirdos and have people look at you in disgust. It’s your choice."

There was a deafening silence as they waited for Rin’s answer, but it was very noisy inside Rin’s head as her inner voices started telling her what to do.

"It’s better to be with weirdos than with a bunch of gossipers and talking machines... But you’d be with them for the rest of your high school life, and no other people will want you! What if they figure out what’s wrong with you? They will all leave you.... Freak... Freak. Freak. FREAK!!"

"Hey, Rin!" She jumped at Kurtis’ voice. "How long would it take you to decide?" Kurtis tapped her feet impatiently.

"Uh, I..," Rin looked at Warren, then back at Kurtis. "I’m sorry, but I don’t think I belong to your league." Then she skipped towards Warren, leaving a humiliated Kurtis behind. She was probably too confident that Rin would choose her.

"It’s your loss, Rin Harper! You’ll regret your choice!" She yelled as Warren and Rin left the room, laughing.

"You know, Rin, I didn’t expect that you would turn down her offer." Warren commented after their laughter died away.

"Well, honestly, I don’t like girls like her. And I’m also sure she wouldn’t like me either as soon as she figure out everything about me." Rin said that in a joking manner, but Warren stayed silent beside her. None of them spoke anymore until they arrived the cafeteria.

"Our table is over there," Warren pointed to a silent corner of the room. Even from far away, Rin could still see a girl and a boy already sitting there.

"Oh, hey Warren!" The girl waved. She was in a pretty blue dress and had big, sparkly, brown eyes. When her eyes landed on Rin, her head tilted sideways, as if a sign of confusion. The boy, on the other hand, just gave a quick glance at them and immediately returned to eating his food.

"That must be Jethro..." Rin thought. When they’re already at the table, Warren pulled a chair for Rin, then sat beside her.

"Hey guys! This is Rin Harper."
"Hey." Rin smiled and tried her best not to stare at Jethro. Though he doesn’t smile as much as Warren does, he’s still attractive in his own way.

"I’m Zee Lorwill!" Zee shook Rin’s hand and slightly bowed. "And he’s Jethro. I’m sorry, he doesn’t talk too much. He’s kind of an emo."

Jethro rolled his eyes. "I’m not."
"Yes you are," Zee put her hands on her waist, "If you don’t talk too much, you’re an emo." Jethro rolled his eyes again. As Rin watched Zee rant at Jethro, she felt the urge to ask Jethro’s last name, but fought against it and just shut her mouth.

"Anyway," Warren spoke to prevent Zee from speaking anymore, "I see Phyll is not yet here."

"As usual, late." Jethro said coldly.
"We know that you know where she is." Zee told Warren with a raised eyebrow. Rin started to feel left out because she had no idea what they’re talking about.

"Well, she’s here." Warren smiled, then a soft, cool wind blew making them shiver. Then there was Phyll, standing beside the table, holding a tray of food with one hand. Her eyes grazed over each member of the group, and stopped dead when it came to Rin.

"Who is she?" She asked in a monotone, and it seemed like it’s her normal way of talking. Even just in one look, Rin could say that she stands out in a crowd. Phyll had full length bangs reaching below her eyes, but her eyes could still be seen through the jet black hair. She also had a silver lip ring on the right side of her lower lip.

"Oh, she’s Rin Harper." Warren was the one who answered Phyll. A few more seconds passed before Phyll nodded at Rin as a greeting and take the empty seat beside Zee. Rin took a few bites of her bread to hide her nervousness. Kurtis was right: Phyll didn’t blink even just once during the whole time she was staring at her.

"Hey Warren," Phyll spoke without even looking away from her tray, " What made you bring a new face into the group? Do you realize the consequences she’ll have to face?"

"Don’t worry, it was her choice. Right, Rin?"
"Yep," Rin nodded.

Phyll gave Warren a serious look. "Answer my first question."
"Well, uh...," he scratched his head before turning to Rin with a serious face. "I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you this earlier, but, Rin, I saw you magnetize the ball pen."


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Published: 2/17/2012
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