5 Secrets: Chapter 4

The revelation has been done... What would happen to Rin now? Would she be considered a freak like what she expects, or would she be into something better than she ever imagined?
Rin thought her heart stopped beating. She saw her supposed-to-be-happy life rumble and fall apart. The reason why she and her mom moved here in Arkansas, is to escape the harsh rumors and unbearable bullying, that she experienced in her past school in Tennessee. Now, she ruined her chance of living peacefully by being such a lazy ass and magnetize the freaking ball pen, instead of just grabbing it with her bare muscles.

"Did I hear that right? Warren, are you serious?" Phyll asked, and her voice contained a little bit of tone now, probably because of the shock. Jethro, anyway, stayed silent, but his eyes were slightly larger than usual and wouldn't leave Rin. Warren simply nodded and watched Rin to see what her reaction would be.

"I... I'm," Rin fumbled with the words to say as her eyes started to water. "Would you please excuse me for a second." She abruptly stood up, taking her bag with her at the same time. She bowed her head to hide her face behind her hair as she half-walked-half-ran to the cafeteria door. She could hear loud whispers around her, but she ignored those and went straight to the ladies' room. Lucky for her, it was empty, so she was completely free to cry.

She slumped on one corner of the unbelievably clean and dry tiled floor, and put her head between her knees. She was so frustrated at herself that she sobbed for a few minutes.

"Stop crying, dammit!" Rin yelled at herself, "This is not like you. You're not a cry baby. You're a tough girl! You endured a thousand beatings, millions of criticisms, and you'll cry here, even if nothing has happened yet?"

She roughly rubbed her tears away with the sleeve of her shirt, and stood up. A soft wind suddenly blew directly at her, though the only window of the bathroom was obviously closed.

"Rin." Phyll was right there, standing in front of her. Just like always, her face was void of emotion.
"S-since when were you in here?" Rin slowly took a step backwards, creating as much distance as possible.
"Just now," she shrugged.
"Please, Phyll, don't tell the others what Warren just told you. This is my 2nd try of living peacefully, please, or else I have no choice but to hurt you!" Rin looked straight into Phyll's eyes, though it was slightly disturbing.

"Oh really? Can you beat me?" Phyll said in a totally different tone, and a smirk formed on her lips. She lifted her hand towards the huge mirror and blew through her lips, and a thick moist suddenly formed all over the glass and slowly turned to ice. The room suddenly got colder and Rin was shivering, but she was too shocked to think about wearing a jacket.

"How?!! How in the world did you do that??!!" Rin almost yelled, but Phyll just rolled her eyes.
"Don't you get it? I have powers. Warren, Zee, and Jethro also has powers, just like you. That's why your precious little secret is completely safe with us."

Rin started grinning like an idiot, because everything that she saw and heard were just too good to be true. She was happy that she wasn't the only freak in this world. "Oh my gosh, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Phyll rolled her eyes again and just defrosted the ice all over the mirror, while Rin was still busy muttering continuous thank you's. "Stop talking and follow me. You should talk to the group about this." She calmly walked towards the door, while Rin walked behind her.

"So... what else can you do, aside from frosting and defrosting?"
"I control the wind, of course. You can't simply control the temperature without the help of air."
"Oh. Anything more particular than that?"
"I can freeze you to death."
Rin held her tongue, since it seemed like an indirect message of not wanting to talk anymore. But she really couldn't take the awkward silence as they continued walking. "Where are we going anyway?"

Phyll heavily sighed. "You just couldn't shut up, could you? We're heading to the abandoned lounge room. Nobody comes there now, because it's very far from the main hallways, so we just made it our little 'hangout place'." Rin just nodded. They made a final turn to the left and as far as she can see, the dusty and dim-lit hallway was the final path that they could possibly take. They stopped in front of a plain white door, and Phyll carelessly opened it.

The inside of the said "abandoned lounge room" looked far from what Rin expected. The floor was bright yellow and the walls had images of animals, playing cards, and cartoons painted on them. There was a red, checkered couch on the left where Jethro was comfortably sitting on, and two beanbag chairs on the other side, one blue, and one green. Warren was seating on the blue one, while Zee was on the window, daydreaming. All in all, it looked like a newly painted room, very alive, as if it has never been abandoned at all.

"Oh, there you are!" Warren beamed, "Welcome to our hideout. Have a seat."

Rin nodded and walked towards the green beanbag, while Phyll proceeded to sit on the other end of the couch.

"So, you could magnetize." Jethro suddenly said. Rin froze as she was about to sit.
"Uh, um, yeah. Actually, I'm all about gravity... I can move anything around aside from metals... since I can alter the object's center of gravity," she scratched her head and slumped into the fluffy chair.

"Oh, I see. Gravity is all about attracting mass, and magnetization is about attracting electrons. Since metals have mass and more electrons, you can manipulate metals better. Am I right?" Warren stated.

"Um... well... I never thought my power was that complicated," Rin chuckled nervously, "But yeah, I guess that's how it works."

"Ooh so you can fly?" Zee asked her with sparkling eyes.
"I never tried, but I'm starting to hope that I could." She tried to match Zee's wide smile, but she failed to do so. "Oh, anyway, isn't it unfair that you already know my powers, but I don't know yours?"

This made Warren freeze in motion, and laugh. "Oh, yes. Sorry I forgot."
"I can summon my drawings!" Zee yelled and giggled, making all of them wince. "Oh, and I made those chairs! Aren't they cute?"
Rin studied all the chairs. She couldn't believe they were just drawings. "Hm, cool."

"It's quite hard to explain my ability..." Warren's brows knitted as he thought. "Well, I could be called a tracker. I know the exact place of a certain person, and I could identify what he or she is doing. I don't know how, but I just know it."

"That could be really useful..." Rin commented.
Phyll was the next one who spoke. "Jethro can do magic. It's not like any other magic that you know; the objects just disappear into his hand. He can also freak you out with his mid twisters. Creepy, huh?"

Rin glanced at Jethro, but when he caught her eye, she immediately looked away.
"How many fingers do I have?" He asked Phyll with a little sparkle in his eyes, as if to annoy her.

Phyll rolled her eyes. "Oh stop it, Jethro. I'm not interested in your little creepy tricks."
"How about you try it on Rin?" Zee suggested.
"Oh no, no no... I'm really not good at cooperating in those things." She raised her hands for defense.

"Go on, just try it." Warren smiled encouragingly, and it seemed to work. Rin sighed in defeat waited for Jethro to tell her what to do. Jethro raised both his hands with the palms facing her.

"How many fingers do I have?"
"What if I tell you that I have more than ten fingers?"
"I... don't know. This is supposed to look like you have 11, right?"
"It's quite like that, but I'm supposed to have more." Jethro's eyes were full of enthusiasm, and he had a microscopic smile on his face. Rin blushed. He looked a lot cuter even with just a tiny curve on his lips. "I'll close my fists and open them later, then you'll count my fingers, okay?"

He did what he said and showed his hands once again in the same position. Rin started counting.
"1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9..." before she could finish counting the other more fingers, Jethro quickly closed his hands again. "Hey! I'm not yet finished counting!"

Jethro's small smirk indicated her that she was supposed to realize something. She thought for a moment, and her eyes widened in realization. She was already on the 9th finger, but she still had more than 2 fingers to count. "What the...?!"

"You could count them again for assurance." He smirked and opened his hands. Rin counted them carefully and there were just 10.

"But... But I swear I saw more than ten..."
"Calm down, honey," Phyll reached over and tapped her arm, her face showing mock sympathy. "If you take him seriously, you might go insane."

"Seriously, how the hell did you do that?" Rin asked Jethro, who returned in looking passive and neutral, as if nothing happened.
"Magic," he shrugged.
"Mind freak." Zee corrected.
"Well," Warren stood up while chuckling, "Enough of the illusions. So, do you accept that you're officially in the group, whether you like it or not?"
Rin slightly laughed. "As if I actually have a choice! But, I'm more than happy to be here."

"Well then, welcome to the club."
Whose power do you like the most?
Rin's gravity manipulation and magnetation.
No! Phyll's temperature and wind control is better!
Jethro's magic, of course.
Warren's tracking ability... very useful for hunting.
Zee's summoning! She can summon bunnies!
Nah. They all suck.
Published: 2/27/2012
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