5 Secrets: Chapter 7

Warren's curiosity is killing him, so he went forth to check out what Lexon Evan's secret may be. But this lazy teacher isn't as lame as he looks, after all. He seems to have eyes of a hawk, and he might know some things about the weirdos.
Warren went straight to the faculty room right after they finished lunch. As usual, Phyll locked the door, and the whole group walked to the main hall together through yet another bunch of snobs and gossipers and other more types of teenagers that make high school difficult and miserable. There was nothing unusual in that, really, and they just passed by normally. But Rin, he couldn't stop smiling when her shy face passes through his mind. All the attention still wrecks her nerves, and he can't do anything about that. But he's certain that she'll get used to it soon, especially if she'd stick around Phyll always. That girl always looks fearless no matter what.

Anyway, Warren carefully peeked through the faculty room windows, and tried to search for Sir Evans. He couldn't help it; he couldn't ignore the itch in his brain that keeps telling him that something should be confirmed. So, here he is, being the cat that curiosity could kill. Not actually kill, though, he's just peeking around.

Just as he was about to give up looking and accept Phyll's idea that may be he's really out of the campus, the door opened and there was Sir Evans, standing in front of him. This made Warren's brain go through a roller coaster ride because of the sudden amount of questions that popped in his head. He had been desperately trying to track him each second and he couldn't, then suddenly, he comes out of the door as though he had been there all the time! Unless he teleported, but that's not possible, is it?

"Mr. Barton! What brought you here?" The teacher raised eyebrows as he asked.
"Oh, ah, Sir," Warren blinked a few times to snap out of confusion, "Were you here all afternoon? I mean, at lunch?"

Sir Evans thought before answering, as if confused by his question. "Well, yes, Mr. Barton, I was. Why, do you need something?"

"Um, no, I mean, yes, a few minutes ago. I came here to ask you something but I couldn't find you, so I just decided to leave and go back after lunch. So, here I am." Warren forced a smile, but he just looked like a grinning monkey. He winced at his own lie because it didn't even sound believable, and honestly, he's bad at lying. Plus, the awkward wide smile.

"Okay," Sir Evans narrowed his eyes, "But I'm already here, so what question would that be?" Warren gulped and tried to think fast of a believable lie.

"Oh, that! Yes, I was wondering if... if you're going to change your way of teaching. Phyll happened to tell us that you gave a proper quiz in their class. Does that mean I'll have to start studying History, since you'll start teaching seriously?"

Sir Evans was quite taken aback for a second, but he immediately gathered his composure. Then he laughed.

"Sir, is something funny?" Warren asked nervously.
"I..." He started to say as his laughter slowly died away, "I'm just astounded and surprised to know that a student still takes me seriously. You see, I'm not that of a great teacher, but still, here you are asking me about my lessons, not about outings, parties, blah, blah, blah unlike the other students."

"I take all my lessons seriously, Sir. I understand your way of teaching, yes, I know that you're a lazy teacher, but still awesome at the same time, yet I still learn from you."

"Okay. Thanks for calling me awesome." The 30-year-old man chuckled once more-a leftover from his laughter a moment ago.

"Yeah, you're welcome. But you haven't answered my question yet." Warren reminded.
"Oh, yes! Sorry for forgetting. Ah, no. I won't start teaching properly. That was just another random quiz given by the lazy me. I just ran out of ideas, that's all. There's nothing to worry about."

Warren sighed in relief, not because he wouldn't have to deal with the troublesome History, but because Sir Evans looked like he believed his lie. That was the biggest lie that he ever said in his whole life, and thankfully, it worked.

"Well then, I'll go now," Warren smiled brightly. "My purpose has been fulfilled. See ya in an hour, Einstein!" He waved a friendly goodbye as he started to walk away from him. Evans waved back and smiled. When Warren was far enough, his thoughts started to bother him again. He could see Lexon Evans right before his eyes, but his built-in GPS couldn't find him anywhere. It's as if he has a barrier around him or something, and that might be another type of superpower. That could be possible because when they met Rin, they were also surprised to know that there was another person like them. So, it is absolutely possible that Sir Evans is another of their kind.

He should tell the group about this.


Sir Evans leaned on the door frame as he watched the wonder boy: Warren Barton, walk away. He knows many things about this boy; part of the Basketball team and the ace player, could play volleyball, tennis, badminton, and he's even good at running. No wonder he's called the Wonder Boy.

Evans is also aware that he's part of a small group called, "The Weirdos," together with Ms. London, Ms. Lorwill, the boy with the mysterious surname, Jethro, and the transferee. With Barton being part of that group, all of his admirers started backing away from him as if trying to avoid a horrible plague. Evans doesn't know what's wrong with the other students' brains, but there's nothing that seems to be wrong with them. Especially Mr. Barton - he's the dream boy of any girl anywhere in the world. He's basically good at everything, but not in one thing though: lying.

He knew all along that everything he said was a lie - a major cover-up for a purpose. He concluded that Mr. Barton went to check out something he wants to find out, and he looked like he got the answer. When he saw him at the window desperately searching for someone, Evans immediately jumped out of his seat and went out of the faculty room.

'Ah, he finally came for me,' came through his mind as Warren started chatting him up.

"The stuttering... stuttering tongue," he muttered to himself as he stood upright. "Poor kid, he should work out his lying."

He glanced around the hallway, and there were no more people around. Even the other teachers were gone to their respective classes, so it's just him and the coffee machine. When the second bell rang, he sighed.

"I guess the kids are starting to figure it out now," he said aloud before turning around and go inside the faculty to grab his notebook and chalk box.
Published: 4/13/2012
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