5 Secrets: Chapter 8

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Rin bid goodbye to Zee before she entered her house. Zee had insisted on walking home together since their houses were just in the same direction. They didn’t need to ride the school bus because their homes were at walking distances, anyway.

"So, huny, how was first day of school?" Wellin Harper, her mom, immediately asked as soon as her foot stepped on the carpet.

"Well, uh, it was great!" Rin answered as she placed her shoes on the shoe rack.
"You’re not lying?"
"No, Mom! It was really great, I met new friends."
"Friends...?" Her mom muttered with narrowed eyes. Rin understood her. After all of their experiences in the past towns that they have lived in, it really would be hard to believe that Rin would have friends due to her "Odd personalities." No matter how hard she would try to act like a normal person, that natural oddness would pop out no matter what.

"Yep, friendsss. And there are four of them."
"That unusually huge number of friends makes it more suspicious," Mrs. Harper’s eyes narrowed more into slits, if that’s even possible without blocking her eyesight.

"Uh, no mom. I’m certain this time that they’re real friends. They understand my situation." Rin said in an exasperated tone and walked towards the sofa to sit.

"Understand you? How?"
"Mom, you know I have powers," Rin magnetized the remote into her hand which was beside the television across the room, as if to prove that she really has powers. "They have powers like me, so if they would reveal everything about me, they’ll ruin themselves too."

Mrs. Harper was silent for a few seconds, awestruck. "They have superpowers too?"
"Exactly." Rin nodded as she randomly surfed through channels.
"I..." Mrs. Harper tried to say something, but had difficulty proceeding due to all of a sudden news. "I think this deserves a celebration."

"Hmmm?" Rin muttered numbly. Explaining things really tires her.
"Uh, huny, maybe you should go change clothes now. I’ll start baking pies." The mentioning of the word "pies" (plus, in plural form) suddenly changed Rin’s mood so she jumped out of seat and ran towards her room upstairs.

"I want apple and cherry pie, ‘kay?" She yelled while climbing stairs two steps at a time.

"Sure, sure, anything for my little Magneto," her mom yelled back from the kitchen. Rin chuckled and closed her door. The first thing she did was open her laptop, and quickly dressed up while the system loaded. Then, as usual, she opened Facebook first then Google for her Art assignment. She was surprised to see a friend invitation, and it turned out to be Zee.

"How did you know I have Facebook?" Rin quickly messaged her after accepting the request.
"Well, duh, almost everyone has it."

"This is not even my real name." Rin typed as she stared at her Facebook name: Praner Rhi. Since they moved out of her previous home and quit her school back there, the other students started cursing and badmouthing about her online. Also, she would receive tons of threatening messages of all kinds, so she had no choice but to deactivate her account and make a new one with this alter name.

There was a minute of silence before Zee replied, "Okay, I admit it, I hacked the internet to search for you. Happy now?"

"WHAT THE-?!! Are you insane? You could’ve just asked me on the way home! Also, how the heck were you able to hack the net?"

"I have drawings in my computer, smarty pants. I dispatched them to search for you. Also, I forgot to ask you since I was rambling about a lot of things."

Rin chuckled at the last sentence. At least she’s aware that she talks a lot. Rin started typing again. "You’re creepy."
"At least I’m not such a nerd to jumble the letters of my name just to use as alter-persona on Facebook." Rin stared at the message incredulously, especially on the tongue smiley at the end.

"Okay. Excuse me, Ms. Creeps, I have to go since I have a homework to do and a pie to eat. Ta-tah!" Rin smiled dumbly to herself as she pressed enter and logged out in less than a second. It’s time to concentrate on her assignment now.

--[The next day, which was Wednesday]--

Rin peacefully walked towards the school gate as she inhaled the morning air and listened to the chirping birds.

"Move aside, Newbie!" A voice from behind her cut her peaceful moment, and she reflexively stepped sidewards as she turned. It was Phyll, riding a skateboard.

"Nice reflexes," Phyll complimented her as she flipped the skateboard before stepping off it.

"And you’re good at skateboards," Rin quickly said, which made Phyll smirk. She held her skateboard with one hand as she walked the rest of the way. She was walking a few steps ahead Rin, but based on her pace, she wasn’t planning on leaving Rin behind. This small gesture of kindness from a person like Phyll made Rin smile.

"It’s a good day, isn’t it?" Rin tried to start a conversation with the unblinking girl.
"You should rather say it’s a good morning. You don’t know what will happen in the following minutes."

"Are you really this pessimist?" Rin frowned.
"I’m just being realistic. I didn’t say that this would be a bad day, did I?" Even though Rin couldn’t see her face, she could still imagine that tiny mocking smile on Phyll’s face.

They were already walking inside the campus, and just like what they expected, they started receiving weird glances from many people. Rin tried to concentrate on Phyll’s back, and she started to wonder how the hell was she able to endure all of these people’s stares. She scanned Phyll’s posture: straight back, chin slightly up. She started to imitate her, and at first, she felt awkward doing it. But as time passed by, she felt herself gaining confidence. When they got into the Freshmen building, Rin spoke.

"Where are you going to go for now? The lounge or your homeroom class already?"
"Homeroom," the grim girl simply said.
"Why, don’t you want to see the others first?" Rin asked again because she expected Phyll to choose the lounge, since she seemed like the type of person to be irritated by other people.

"I already said I’m going to homeroom. If I’m going there, then I couldn’t go to the lounge. Homeroom and Lounge aren’t the same, so I could only be in one, right?"

"Eh...??" Rin was dumbfounded as she tried to comprehend what Phyll said. It was so fast since she said it only in one breath. "Ah, well, okay... See you later then."

Phyll just nodded and continued walking to her destination. Rin, anyway, went straight to the lounge. Just as she was about to hold the doorknob, the white door opened.

"Good morning," Warren greeted her. Rin greeted back and entered since Warren opened the door for her.

"Is anybody else in here?" Rin still asked, even though her question would be answered as soon as she entered the room. She immediately saw Jethro, who was sitting comfortably on one end of the couch. She awkwardly greeted him a "G’mornin’" and sat on the other side of the couch. She felt more awkward when he just stared at her.

"Zee went to the Art Class. She always has something to do there since she's very dedicated to Art." Warren informed her immediately, probably trying to keep her from feeling awkward.

"You could easily be a stalker, you know." Rin joked. Warren chuckled and sat on his favorite green beanbag chair.

"You’re starting to sound like Zee: always making fun of my powers."
"Oh no! Aside from that, you could be a CIA officer or something someday. Hunting down criminals would be a lot easier." Rin defended herself. Warren just laughed, and Jethro just watched them have a delightful talk while laughing now and then.

"Anyway, before I forget, I have to tell you something about Sir. Evans." His face suddenly changed into dead serious, vanishing the joyful atmosphere. Rin felt uncomfortable.

"Do you remember yesterday at lunch, when I couldn’t track Sir. Evans?" Rin just nodded. Even Jethro was starting to gain interest in the topic. "I went to the faculty room after bell, and he was there. I even talked to him face to face. He said he was there all afternoon."

Rin and Jethro were literally on the edge of their seats. Their serious auras could really be felt in the lounge since this wasn’t a laughing matter.

Warren continued, "He was right there in front of me, but my personal GPS couldn’t locate him."
"So it’s really true that he might have powers," Rin muttered.
"Yes, it might be something like a shield, or a barrier. Something that keeps him from getting affected by other people’s abilities." Warren agreed. Silence enveloped them as thoughts passed through their individual minds.

Finally, the bell rang, though the three didn’t seem to notice since nobody moved an inch.

"We have to make sure if revealing ourselves to Sir. Evans is safe," Jethro spoke.
"Yeah, that’s right. Unlike you, guys, he might take advantage of the knowledge that we have supernatural powers." Rin added.

"First, we have to look out about what could happen. Then, if he proves himself trustworthy, then we could tell him who the Weirdos really are." Warren’s eyes were staring into space, though he spoke clearly.

"But he seems like a cool teacher. He’s the most friendly among all the teachers here and he goes well with the students. I don’t think he could be that bad." Rin shrugged.

"Don’t judge a book by its cover," Jethro responded.
"You know," Rin turned to face him, "You could pass as Phyll’s brother. You’re both pessimists."

"I’m just saying what could be true," Jethro retorted.
"See? You even replied almost the same thing!" Rin gave him an annoying face, and Jethro’s eyes seemed to cast laser beams as he glared at her.

"Hey, enough quarreling. The bell already rang a while ago, so we better move." Warren stood up and headed for the door. The two followed him, though they were still in a glaring competition with each other. Rin stuck her tongue out at Jethro before bolting out of the door and through the dusty hallway.

"See ya later!" She yelled at them. Warren waved a goodbye, while Jethro scoffed bitterly as he watched her vanish into a sharp corner.

‘I can’t believe she could be that annoying!’ Jethro thought incredulously, and Warren glanced at him through the corner of his eye. A small smile formed on Warren’s face.


Author's Note:

Hello again people!! Sorry if it took so long to update, so I made it a bit longer... heh. Well, my apologies, so I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Something is starting to bud between Rin and Jethro, nehh? So, if you have any questions about our dear characters, just comment and I’ll answer those for you! Anyway, in the following chapters, you might be quite confused about the schooling system. You see, I’m not from America, so I don't know how the schooling works there, so I kinda mixed our ways here with their ways... there. Oh well. Comments please, and thank you to all those supporting me. Please keep on cheering!
Published: 5/9/2012
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