5 Secrets: Chapter 9

Finally, Jethro will make a move to prove Sir Lexon Evans' real identity. Get ready, there's a very important note at the end of this chapter!
"So, just like what I said a while ago, try preparing in advance for the Freshmen-Sophomore Night on February. It wouldn’t be as simple as before." Sir Evans mumbled in front of his home room class. He was wearing a bored expression on his face all the while as if he was just being forced to do this.

"What’s the Freshman-Sophomore Night?" Rin whispered to her seatmate. No, her seatmate wasn’t Kurtis Shire anymore. She exchanged seats with a nerd named Alron and even threatened him with a pointy, fake nail. Sir Evans gladly allowed the adjustment with a "whatever" face.

"Um, it’s like a JS Prom, FS Night for short," Alron answered, "There’s dancing and drinking and foods. The only difference is FS Night is all about the Sophomores giving "blessing" to the Freshmen, as if letting them take their places as second years."

Rin nodded and turned her attention back to Sir Evans. He dismissed everyone even though the bell hasn’t rung. When Rin passed in front of him, he tapped her shoulder.

"Um, yes sir? Do you need anything?"
"Oh, not actually. I’m just wondering about the seatmate-exchange thingy. I see Ms. Shire isn’t being so cooperative with you, hm?"
"Oh, that... Well, she was the one that didn’t want me beside her." Rin chuckled awkwardly.

"Hmm...," that was all Evans said, confusing Rin.
"Sir, do you want to say something else?"
He suddenly gave a delighted laugh. "No, nothing more. I just wanted to have a friendly conversation with the new student." Rin smiled and nodded before going out of the room. She glanced at him one last time and saw the man looking at her with knowing eyes.

’Well, that was weird...,’ she thought, but shrugged it off anyway. She grabbed her cell phone from her backpack to check the time (she doesn’t have a watch, hehe) and saw that they still have 5 minutes of free time. Someone suddenly knocked the phone off her hand, making it drop on the floor with a solid thud.

"Hey! Watch it!" Rin automatically yelled and crouched to pick up her phone. But that person grabbed her backpack, keeping her from doing so.

"Just leave it, it’s just trash." It was Kurtis’ annoying voice. She was with 2 other girls who had smug looks on their faces. Rin shoved off Kurtis’ hand and backed away, sweeping up her phone in the process.

"What do you want?" Rin spat out. Kurtis scoffed.
"Watch your tone, loser. You have no right to do that."
"Yes I do," she said in a carefree manner, which annoyed Kurtis to the core. She raised her hand to slap Rin, but Rin quickly stepped backwards so she missed. Furtherly humiliated, the female bully motioned to her friends to grab Rin, while Rin kept calm and waited for their move.

Should I use my power on them?’, she questioned in her mind. She smirked when she answered her own question. ’Nah, not needed.’

When she was about to smash their heads together as they charged, someone shoved Rin out-of-the-way. The "witches" suddenly froze.

"You wouldn’t want to do that, do you?" A familiar voice said in a cheerful manner. Rin turned around and saw a smiling Warren. His smile reached ear to ear, but there was something wrong about it. His eyes looked like there was something evil behind them.

"Warren, I can handle this," Rin hissed through her teeth. He just shook his head.

"If you get into a fight, you might be suspended. You wouldn’t want that, would you?" Rin just sighed in defeat.

"Hey!" Kurtis yelled with that annoying voice, "Not because you’re an ace player means you could just go around minding other’s businesses. Go away and hang out with your loser friends."

Warren kept smiling, which crept out Rin. "Okay, we’ll mind our own businesses, but would you please keep your claws to yourself, too? If I see you trying to use that again, I’ll tear your fake nails apart myself."

He gently put a hand on Rin’s back to guide her away from those "witches" (lol sorry for the witches term, I’m not used to cursing...). Kurtis’ screeching and cursings could be heard throughout the hall, but Warren didn’t look like he’s hearing anything. Rin didn’t dare speak to him although he was smiling. He was just that scary.

"Th- they started it. I just tried to defend myself." She finally muttered.
"I know. But you could’ve just ran away and told Sir Evans." Warren looked less scary now, since his smile turned back to normal.

"Running away is not my thing," Rin huffed. Warren didn’t speak back and just continued walking with eyes sparkling in amusement. "What?"

"Nothing," he chuckled, "I just think you’re so brave. But sometimes you should use your brain first."
"Bravery is always needed," Rin snorted.
"Thinking is more important," he smiled.

"Ah, you’re so stubborn." Warren laughed and Rin jokingly punched his arm. They kept laughing as they neared the Science room.

"You were scary back there," Rin cleared her throat.
"Oh, really?" that was all he said, and his eyes sparkled in amusement once again.

Lunch Break: Faculty Room

Lexon Evans was peacefully reading a magazine with a coffee mug on his other hand. His feet were comfortably propped up on his desk, not caring about what the other teachers think of him. In the middle of reading an article, someone disturbed him.

"Hey, Lexon," it was another teacher. "Did you know that the new student from your class almost got into a fight?"

Suddenly interested, he put down the magazine on the floor. "With whom?"
"Kurtis Shire and other two girls. It was after your home room class."
"Did someone get hurt?" he took a sip on his coffee.
"Oh, that," the other teacher looked up at the ceiling as if thanking the heavens. "Fortunately, Mr. Warren Barton appeared and stopped them. It’s a relief."

Sir Evans nodded in approval.

"If he hasn’t appeared, she’s probably being suspended by now. That would be so unfortunate for her, hm?"

"Yes, indeed." He muttered thoughtfully. "It would have been a boring game if she’s gone."
"I’m sorry? What did you say?" the fellow teacher couldn’t decipher his words since he seemed to be talking to the wind.

"Oh, nothing! It would be really unfortunate for Ms. Harper to get suspended on her 2nd day of school." Sir Evans smiled innocently. The teacher stared at him with a weird expression, but quickly looked away.

"Well, I gotta go. Hey, Lexon, I recommend you eat something for lunch aside from that coffee. Just saying." He walked away but after a few steps, he turned around to speak.

"Oh, almost forgot. A student is waiting for you outside. He’s carrying quite a heavy load."

Sir Evans nodded and stood up. Unsurprisingly, it was Jethro.

"Sir, here are the papers. Some didn’t have their assignments so I just left them." He informed in a neutral tone.

"Okay, that’s fine." He transferred the thick stack of papers onto his own arms with ease. He motioned to Jethro that he could go, but he just stayed there.

"Well....?" Sir Evans said with an anything-else-to-say tone.
"I have been working on a new trick recently," Jethro was pertaining to his magic skills. Of course, nobody knows that there is really no trick in his magics and the items just pop out of his hands randomly. "I want to see if I’ve mastered it already."

"You’re trying it on me?" Evans guessed, and Jethro nodded. Jethro instructed him to think of a random card in a deck of cards and not tell it to him. He just has to nod his head and Jethro will make the card appear out of nowhere. Actually, he has done this many, many times and have performed it perfectly, so this is just a test to Sir Evans to see if he really has that "barrier power."

Sir Evans pursed his lips and nodded a few seconds later. Jethro couldn’t decipher what he was thinking, which made him frown. Usually, the image of the card that the person is thinking would automatically appear in Jethro’s own mind. But when it comes to Sir Evans, nothing. Just random images, but no cards.

"Well, what’s supposed to happen?"
"Um," Jethro just tried to guess. "Were you thinking about 4 hearts?"
Sir Evans chuckled. "Nope, 4 Clubs. You got the number right, but I think you should work on that trick more. See ya somewhere later, pal." He went inside the faculty again together with the papers, leaving Jethro flabbergasted.

‘My power doesn’t work on him...’ Jethro thought in shock, but he kept his well-known poker face. ‘I have to ask what Warren’s decision about this would be.’

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Published: 5/15/2012
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