5 Secrets: Chapters 23 and 24

How would the Weirdos escape Sir Malfeur's insane "game"? How much blood would be needed before this timeless night ends?
Chapter 23

Together with the shock, Rin also felt guilty for believing that it was Sir Evans who tried to kill them several times. They had thrown him hateful looks, when he was actually innocent. Just because he had powers, they already blamed everything on him, and it never came across their mind that it could be another person, or should we say, Sir Malfeur.

The man in the suit laughed delightfully, as if Rin’s helpless situation was entertaining him. "Surprised? You know, it was fun to watch you kids hate Evans throughout the year. I don’t even know why it was him you suspected, but at least I was in benefit and you never figured it out."

'He must not know Sir Evans has powers,' Rin noted to herself. Something liquid trickled down her forehead and to her chin, and she didn’t even have to check to know that it’s blood. Her head was starting to throb painfully.

"Why do you want to kill us?" She whispered.
He chuckled, "No, my dear, I have no plan in killing you."
"Then what? What about that flammable truck? The knife? The huge demolishing ball? You were obviously trying to kill us!" Rin shrieked, but Sir Malfeur just stared at her with a creepy smile. "YOU'RE INSANE!"

Long fingers suddenly wrapped around her neck and lifted her up, choking her in the process. "I am not insane, miss Harper. No one here is insane. Well, I suppose boss is…" He mumbled the last part, making Rin curious. "Anyway, no, I have no plan on killing any of you, except if you’d be too much to handle. I’m allowed to break a few bones, yes, but it was a strict order to bring you alive…"

Based on his mindless blabbering, he could spill more information, the more Rin would wait. But her lungs couldn’t anymore. Gathering all her remaining strength, Rin swung back her left leg, and crashed it against the man’s shin. He yelped in pain and Rin greedily took in all the oxygen. When her vision finally cleared, she gave Sir Malfeur a solid kick to the head, making him tumble back. She rushed to the door and crashed all of it, then went out.

"You can’t escape," Sir Malfeur choked and somehow, through his pain, he managed to show a creepy smile. Rin continued running, or rather limping forward even if she felt really tired. She ran for minutes, just to make sure Sir Malfeur won’t be able to catch her immediately. She sat on a small room, probably the janitor’s room.

'Are the others okay? Where are they?' Rin thought. 'I can’t sit here while the others are in danger! I should go find Warren first, he could track the others!'

And so, she started to run again.


Zee’s mind went blank as she was grabbed into a room. For a split second, she saw her friends’ surprised faces before the door slammed shut. Banging noises were heard while she was thrown on a pile of chairs. Something sharp and long wounded her palm, making her scream. She looked at the deep wound and tried to stop the bleeding, but her hands were violently yanked to her sides and tied to the metal bars on the windows. It was only then that she saw the man that abducted her: Sir Malfeur.

"S-sir?" She asked.
"Fancy meeting you here, Miss Lorwill." He chuckled, and secured the knots on Zee’s hands. "I’m sorry for doing this, but we should keep your hands away so you won’t draw anything, okay?" He then yanked her purse away and threw it across the room. Zee stared at it, wondering how she would escape without her trusty tools, and with her hands tied.

"Why are you doing this?" Zee asked. "I mean, we have always respected you as our teacher, but then, you were the one trying to kill us?"
Sir Malfeur chuckled while pacing back and forth. Zee tried to yank her hand free, but her deep wound only hurt her more. Blood trickled down her palm, and a bright idea popped in her head.

"Can you guess why I did that?" Sir Malfeur asked.
"You hate us?" Zee didn’t get the rhetorical question and answered. Sir Malfeur glared at her. "Sorry."

She pursed her lips and waited for him to continue. "Miss Lorwill, I was playing a game."

Zee secretly dipped her index finger on the pool of blood on her palm as Sir Malfeur was busy laughing evilly.

"You walk around the playing board, and then I trap you. I’m allowed to hurt you, but I’m not allowed to kill you. I thought it would be an easy game, but I underestimated you kids too much. I didn’t expect you to be that intelligent."

"You’re cruel." Zee growled. She continued distracting him while she started to paint on the moldy wall, slowly, but safely.

The man laughed. "Do you know what’s happening to your friends now?" Zee’s eyes narrowed. It seems like he knows that she could summon her drawings, but he doesn’t know about the butterflies. He doesn’t know everything, after all.

Through the butterflies, Zee saw how the others chased a man with a pandora hat, and how he outrun them and crossed paths with someone that looked exactly like him. Zee looked closely at the man in front of her, and concluded that those were definitely him. But is it possible that he has clones that he could be in 2 or 3 places at the same time?

"Why? Where are they?" Zee played dumb. Sir Malfeur smirked.
"Don’t you feel bad about yourself? Your friends have very useful powers. Harper could control gravity, Barton could locate people, London could control temperature, and Wykin has… what do you call that? Magic? But look at you. You could only summon things, but what would happen to you if you don’t have your tools?" He glanced at Zee’s purse and kicked it. "You’re powerless. You’re weak."

’If only you know what I’m going to do,’ Zee thought. Now that she’s done drawing with her blood, all she has to do is bring in one butterfly. She took the one patrolling at the library, and waited for it to come. Meanwhile, Sir Malfeur still hasn’t discovered her hidden activity.

"What are you waiting for, anyway? Why don’t you just stab us as soon as you see us?" Zee asked.
"Weren’t you listening earlier?" He rubbed his temple in annoyance. "I’m not allowed to kill you. I’m just waiting for all of you to lose all your energy so I could take you with me without so much trouble. I don’t have to exert effort on you since you’re not that powerful." He waved his hand carelessly and Zee almost scoffed. "Ah, what am I doing?? Maybe I should at least knock you down. You talk too much!"

He stepped towards her and Zee prayed that her plan would work. Before Sir Malfeur could step any closer, the butterfly went through a hole and flew around his head. He was startled and tried to shoo the insect, wondering where it came from. Zee took this chance and summoned the red knife she drew, and cut the rope around her wrist in one swing. She quickly slashed the other rope and turned to Sir Malfeur.

'I hope this doesn’t count as a sin,' Zee thought and charged. Sir Malfeur finally noticed her, but only when she has driven the knife into his chest. Zee was surprised when he turned to dust and was blown by the wind. There was even no mark of blood on the knife.

"What the… what the hell…" She whispered. She quickly shook it away and grabbed her purse. She went for the locked door, and tried to open in by transforming the butterfly into a key. Surprisingly, it didn’t budge so she had to use her giant woodpecker bird.

"I’ll go help the others," she noted to herself and started running.


Rin already lost track of how many lefts and rights she took. She felt lost. Someone suddenly grabbed her arm almost making her scream, but another hand covered her mouth.

'If this is Sir Malfeur, I’d be dead.'

"It’s me, Zee!" Rin almost teared up when she heard that familiar voice. The two girls instantly hugged.
"How did you escape?" Rin frantically asked.
"I… I stabbed him. But I don’t think he was the real one. He turned to dust instead of bleeding!"
"Real one? What do you mean?"
"Remember the butterflies? I saw about 3 Malfeurs through them. Plus, the one right in front of me. And I suppose the others are facing Malfeurs too."

"Yeah, I did too. So that’s how he got to separate us..." Rin nodded. Zee’s eyes widened when she saw a drop of blood trickle down Rin’s forehead.

"Did he hit your head?" Zee almost yelled and wiped the blood away.
"Ssshh, don’t yell! He might hear you!" Rin whispered.
"How did you get to escape in this state?"
Rin bit her lip to suppress her smile. "I kicked his… Uhh…"
Zee got the point. "He has a weakness after all." And so they burst out in giggles. Rin was the first one to snap out of it.

"We should help the others now." Zee nodded and they started running again.


Chapter 24

Bloody Phyll and Warren? What happened to them?? Come and find out!


"Do you even know that I don't get tired?" Phyll screamed as she continued running after the man in the suit. She may have been chasing him for minutes, 10, maybe more. In fact, she didn't care. As long as in the end, she'll get her hands on his neck, she wouldn't care even if she'd chase him for hours.

The man suddenly turned on a corner and disappeared from Phyll's sight for a second, but she reflexively followed and saw him again.

"Where's that damn adrenaline when you need it," she huffed and tried to fasten her pace, but it was already her maximum. She realized they were heading to a dead end.

'Is he stupid? Is he letting me catch him?' She thought. He entered a certain room and Phyll almost blazed in excitement. How shocked and infuriated she was when she saw nothing in that room. Before she could even curse, a sharp wind, with a black smoke of some sort, knocked into her that she dropped on the floor. She felt a sting on her shoulder and saw a deep scratch on it. She growled in fury. Before she could even stand up, another puff of smoke knocked her down, and it felt like something metal was rammed into her chest. Phyll coughed and tried to endure the pain.

"So you could turn to smoke, huh?" She stood up with a crooked smirk, since the pain still hasn't gone away. "Why don't you turn into ash, then?" Phyll snapped her arms straight, and her hands turned bright red as if they were on fire from the inside. Faint smoke was searing through her skin, an indication that her hands may exceed 200 degrees Celsius. She stood there waiting, but Sir Malfeur didn't appear. Her eyebrow rose.
"What, are you scared now?"
"Nope," a deep voice said on her ear, and Phyll was kicked on the stomach. For a second, she saw Sir Malfeur's grinning face, before he turned back to smoke.

"Malfeur?" She coughed.
"Yesssss," the wind seemed to speak around her. She wriggled out of the shock and stood up again. She narrowed her eyes to see clearly wherever he would reappear, so that she could burn the guts out of the merciless man.

Now that Phyll's very aware, she saw his transparent form appear a few feet ahead of her, and smoke appeared behind him as he ran towards her. He was holding a knife. She reflexively moved away and sent a fiery punch on his face. He disappeared by turning to dust.

"You could die after all," Phyll mumbled bitterly.
"Oh no, my dear." The familiar voice made her freeze, and her head was smashed before she could move. Her vision started to spin and she fell to the ground once more.

"I think I underestimated you too much. You're quite a handful, I could say." And he kicked Phyll's stomach. She grabbed his ankle and burned him, and he turned to ash.

"Bring it on then," Phyll hissed and braced herself for more Malfeurs to come. It went on for minutes: him turning to ash and appearing again, and Phyll burning him and getting hurt again. The only problem was, Phyll was running out of energy, but the Malfeurs wouldn't stop coming. Finally, she collapsed on the floor, though she still wanted to fight.

"Oh, I see," Sir Malfeur chuckled. "You have reached your limit. I thought we would play all day." He crouched beside her and lifted her cheek. Phyll hissed and grabbed his hand, but she had lost too much of her energy that she couldn't even squeeze.

"I think it would be fine if I finish you now. It would be too hard to tame you after all, even if I spare you." He took out a knife from his pocket, and Phyll could only glare at it. He placed the point against her cheek and trailed it down her neck, leaving a long line of blood.

'If ever I die here, they better kill this bastard for me. I'm counting on you, guys.' Phyll thought, and just closed her eyes.

The knife was suddenly lifted from her neck, and arms wrapped around her. She opened her eyes and saw Warren, bruised and bloodied in his own way, and he was bringing her into the floor with him as though it was just water. A few feet away from them, Malfeur appeared from smoke and tried to reach them, but the two were already gone and out to another place.

"Are you okay?" Warren whispered. Before Phyll could answer, he collapsed on her. She silently cursed and tried to carry him.
"We're both tired so would you please don't faint right now?" Warren chuckled weakly and sat on the floor. "So you finally got to teleport, huh?"

"Yeah... I knew you were in danger so I tried to go, no matter how far you were. I was at the 1st floor of the JS Building, you know." He tried to laugh, but it came more like a wheeze. Noises coming from a corridor startled them, but were relieved to know that it was Rin and Zee. Seeing the bloody situation, Zee summoned first aid kits and treated the others' wounds, then her own hand. Soon enough, Jethro appeared.

"I saw many of the Malfeurs. This guy is no joke." He stated.
"I could track him now. There is at least a hundred of him in here." Warren informed. "I know that he knows where we are. The weird thing is, no one among them is moving."

"That's because I put them in an illusion." Jethro said. "I could handle them for a maximum of 10 minutes, but I'd be exhausted by then."

"It's okay, we have enough time to prepare." Rin said while removing her high heels. Zee did the same and removed her bothersome accessories. Jethro and Warren removed their tight suits and piled them in a corner. Zee started drawing all kinds of creatures she could on the concrete floor, while Phyll prepared her secret weapon; her wrath, while mumbling intelligible curses.

"What's this?" Warren's eyebrow rose as he held a red knife.
"Oh, that's my knife made out of my blood." Zee said as a matter-of-factly and Warren dropped the knife in surprise (and maybe in disgust..).

"You know, there's something weird about Sir Malfeur. He kept on talking about orders and rules. It seems like someone is just telling him to do all these. He even told me that he's waiting all of us to get captured so he could bring us with him. It doesn't make sense." Zee said.

"Yeah, he even accidentally mumbled about a 'boss'. He said something about orders too." Rin agreed. Jethro let out a loud breath from behind them.

"I don't think I have much time left."
"You don't have to max out your strength. Save some for later so you could butt in if we need help." Warren said. Jethro nodded, and Rin could swear, she felt the ground shake as if thousands of feet stomped on the ground at the same time.

"They're coming," Warren said, and the group stood back-to-back. They could feel movement from all four corridors around them.

"I'll make sure he gets toasted this time," Phyll growled, and flame surged from her veins to her hands.
Published: 9/28/2012
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