5 Secrets: The Traitor (Chapter 2)

It seems that the twins are completely prepared for all the consequences they will face. Does that include being reminded of their bitter past? Or rather, traumatic past? In the picture: Can you guess who's who?
As expected, when the weirdos walked side by side with the twins during break time, the whole campus started buzzing. Surprisingly, the two didn't show any sign of discomfort while walking through the "halls of tension" (Rin was the one who named it). Maybe they really were used to this kind of treatment. The way their smiles stayed on their faces, sort of made Rin think if they were actually relatives with Zee.

"I think your school is nice, unlike our previous school." One of the twins said. The others' eyebrows rose. It made them wonder what things the students in their previous school did to them to label Rockwell High as "nicer."

"Well, that could be because this is just the first day." The other twin shrugged. Finally, they reached the cafeteria and they lined up for food, just like what normal students do. They couldn't help it, though, if the people ahead of them allowed them to go first, probably because they didn't want to be close enough to them for more than 10 seconds. The twins smiled in amazement. Archet spoke.

"You know, if you're going to ask our opinion about this, we think that you're getting a VIP treatment rather than a loser treatment." They sat in their usual secluded table in the usual position, though the twins were added on both ends, making them face each other.

"Now that you said it, I think you're quite right." Rin nodded. "But if you look at their reasons, it becomes more of the second treatment."

"Like we're being given champagne, but the champagne is poisoned." Phyll muttered, making Zee roll her eyes at her.

"That's already an exaggeration. I prefer that we're being given water, but the water is bitter." Phyll rolled her eyes in return, and the two started arguing, which was perfectly normal. The others just ignored them and started eating while casually talking.

"What happened in your previous school to make you transfer here?" Warren asked.
The twins cautiously glanced at each other before Archet answered. "Some... Things." Warren noticed the atmosphere and didn't dig the matter further, confirming it with a nod. The twins didn't show it, but he knew that they were relieved. Maybe it was too early to ask that question.

"I'm planning to join the volleyball team." Rin, thankfully, stopped the incoming awkward silence.
"You should try it," Warren nodded. "I'm not sure, though, if you fit volleyball or track & field, so I think it's best if you try both."

"Do volleyball," Phyll, who somehow was able to end her argument with Zee, joined the conversation. "I'm sure Ms. Greene is waiting for you to try out."

"What? How do you know that?"
Phyll exhaled in exasperation, which she always does whenever she expects other people to be as quick-witted as she was. "Remember that time when she talked to you after finishing the 5 laps without a bead of sweat, and you thought you were in trouble?"

Rin slowly nodded. "I thought you'd eventually figure it out, so I didn't say it straight. She saw potential in you. Track & field wouldn't be so exciting for you, plus, it would be better to put you pow-"

She was cut off when she remembered that the twins were there. She glanced at those that started the same secret as hers, who held their breaths in shock. She quickly gained composure and continued, "...powerful arms into use."

"Powerful arms?" Tiffon's eyes widened. "Were you in the boxing club?"
"Ah... no..."
"There's no such club here." Phyll said coldly. "She knows Taekwondo."
"Really?" They simultaneously said in excitement. Rin awkwardly smiled, not knowing what to do with the situation.

"Apparently, no matter how cool that sounds, she doesn't want anyone talking about it, or if possible, not know about it at all." Zee immediately explained to them, and winked at Rin. Rin smiled in gratitude. The twins nodded in unison, though wearing confused expressions.

Warren's phone suddenly rang, indicating a text message. His eyes narrowed as he comprehended whatever the text was, then they widened in shock. Or horror. Or maybe both.

"What-" Rin wasn't even able to finish the question when her own phone beeped as well. Other more phones simultaneously emitted different ringtones, so obviously, something weird was up. Among the others in the room, the twins were the most confused when everyone started staring at them.

"Wh-why?" They mumbled. Not taking off the horrified expression, Zee slowly handed out her phone to them. Together, they looked at the screen, and saw a picture of a blazing house. In a bold font was the title:

"December 9, 2005: The Lauvin's Home in Flames."
Published: 6/5/2013
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