5 Secrets: The Traitor (Prologue)

This is the beginning of 5 Secrets' - Book Two. And the continuation begins.
The silhouette of a man could be seen from the inside of the pitch-black room as he stood by a window. It was a hot afternoon outside, but if the curtains were closed and all the light were kept away, anybody would have thought that it was already evening. A single knock on the door broke the deafening silence.

"Sir, it has arrived." The man turned his head sideways to nod at his assistant's information. Another set of footsteps vibrated against the floor as the person pertained to as "it" entered the room.

"You know, I would really appreciate it if you tell your assistant to stop calling me an 'it'."
"Please excuse me," the assistant mumbled to the two, obviously avoiding the possibility of hearing any more matters regarding him.

"What did you want to see me for?"
"You seem to be forgetting a word somewhere in there."
"What did you want to see me for, sir?" The person emphasized the last word with an annoyed tone.

"I want your report about the Eximies."
"You usually ask me to send that through notes."
"Well, not this time." The man maintained a calm tone despite the other person's obvious attempts to show annoyance. "The attempt of the time-summoner failed miserably which, honestly speaking, I did not expect."

"You mean Malfeur?"
"Your report. Let me hear it." He showed a stern tone, immediately silencing all unnecessary thoughts in the person's head.

"So far, they do not suspect anything from me. I am not a hundred percent sure if they fully trust me, but I suppose everything is going well with my mission."

The man only nodded.

"May I leave now, sir?"
"You still remember that you are my ace in this one, correct?"
The person was caught off-guard by the odd question, but still answered. "Of course. Yes, I do remember."

"You have no room for failure. You know what will happen if you fail."
"Yes," the person slowly nodded. Seeing that the man has fully turned his back and seemed to have nothing else to say; "it" turned on its heels to leave.

"You seem to be forgetting something?" The man spoke out loud, causing it to sigh in exasperation.

"Thank you, Sir Wylex. May all the power be yours."


I'm sorry if it took me a long time. I missed all of you so much!
Published: 5/21/2013
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