Happy New Year!

Wish you a wonderful new year!!
The new year is on. It represents a date on the calendar and also naturally, aspirations for the future and that there should be something new for us as well. This year may have brought us social and economic changes like getting recognition for good work done, meeting celebrities and important people, getting our house painted and buying a new house or car.

The year may also have made us more spiritual and introspective, giving an opportunity to have an insight and vision about what we ought to be in the future. Here is a quick list about how we can improve our perspectives and how we can make the best in the New Year.


We should keep ourselves healthy. A healthy body is necessary. Without a healthy body, even routine activities like reading a book, sitting and watching television, sitting for lectures and discourses or even listening to music becomes difficult.


Everyone needs money for their daily life. There should be enough wealth to let ends meet. We will need sufficient money if we have to help and serve others too. This does not mean that one needs to be a millionaire or a billionaire to live a good life.

Be Pleasant And Good at Heart

We need to distinguish what is good and bad for us and inspire us on the right path. We should nurture goodness within ourselves and have good emotions and feelings. This will make things much simpler and easier for us. Then, even seemingly difficult and challenging tasks will not seem so. Things get better after all for us and also for others.

Have a very Happy New Year!!
Published: 12/31/2015
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