Work-Life Balance

Having a work-life balance cannot be taken for granted. This article gives an insight into this topic.
A woman who takes care of her family needs to balance her time between home and office. Sometimes it may not be possible to hold on to a job and care for her children at the same time. This type of fate is difficult for young women to accept. This is bound to be the situation for women who has a focus on both her job and her family. Ultimately, this means different things to different persons who anyway earn according to their capacities. An individual will need to have the ability to plan and prioritize their necessities and be able to manage the situation.

This challenge applies not only to women, but also to men. These individuals not only have the primary responsibility to sustain the family, but also pave the path to acquire power and wealth. However, they feel the need to have closer family bonds and have more time with the family makes it necessary to balance their work and family activities.

The culture of the organization and the habits of individual has a major effect on life and career choices. At times, the demand for their presence at home becomes impending. At this time, either the man or the woman will need to work and one of them needs to take care of the family. The woman who has responsibility for her children is usually the partner who makes the choice of caring for her family. At times, this is mistaken to be a lack of capacity and drive and hence an organization may prefer not to invest into training a woman and may not recognize her work and pay her less. This situation becomes easier for both men and women who work for organizations that care for the time and life of their employees.

The modern work-life has greater potential to offer a work-life balance due to advancements in technology. Employees can work remotely from their home and take care of their home and family. The situation can be further improved once there is an understanding between the leaders and the employees that performance matters whether from home or from the office. The possibility of having a better work-life balance is expected to become a reality in the modern system.
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Published: 1/5/2016
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