I'm Not Okay

This is a real story of my life. I am seeking to live again coz all the hope is lost. Can somebody save me?
Can't you see the tears in my eyes that won't flow?
Is everyone blind to the charred remains of my former self?
Why don't anybody feel the heartbeat that throbs in pain?
Can't you see I'm not okay!

Are my fears so silhouetted in my smile that says everything is okay?
My cry like a chameleon that begs redemption,
Who is going to free the goat from the jaw of the cheeter,
That drains blood and eats not the carcass.

Who is going to rescue me from the inner me?
That threatens to wipe off the whole of my existence,
The fear of the past, present, and the unknown,
That continues to crash my dreams and aspirations.

An inner voice says,"You shall rise again!"
A conflicting voice says, "All is lost!"
Who shall castigate these demons that seek to send me to an early grave?
With my dreams unaccomplished.

I seek your help now,
Don't eulogize me when I am gone.

I want to accomplish my dreams,
To live a life of fullness,
I want to shine brighter,
I want to redeem my past mistakes,
Help me forget my failures,
I want to rise high above my frustrations.
Published: 7/25/2017
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