A love poem.
Your name rings bells and I want to share that...
I think I knew you before but forget,
I fell for you real fast.

Your presence mends me,
And takes me away... back in the day,
Your presents are my memora of,
When the only scent of innocence was present.

Call me crazy but I'm happy all cuz of this girl with A K... 47,
She makes me rise like leaven,
She's the reason this paper gets this pen
And she's bad, bold, but benevolent,
Heaven sent loving loyalty like all the disciples minus one,
Never meant to tell you all this before.

But you were non-existent,
Could have come sooner shore,
But I'm just glad you're subsistent, my sustenance.

Just a dream, but now it seems that shooting star isn't so distant,
So since... you're no longer a mirage,
I have to thank God,
Pragma potential, Eros torrential agape eventual,
Never knell, play well, stimulates mental...
What else could I ask for?
How many chances do you give someone before you move on?
None, Trust no one!!!
7 X 77.
I hate my life.
I am scum.
I have no purpose.
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Published: 11/28/2017
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