The End

"Everything has to come to an end, sometime." - L. Frank Baum.
Neglected prayers,
Embezzled trust,
Excuse my lies,
I'm rich but poor inside.

Tall buildings,
Lost patience,
Severed family ties,
Many lies that we hide.

Consumed interest,
Premature births,
I'm not ready to die,
Please stay alive.

The liar has credibility,
The trustworthy is belied,
Truthfulness is falsified,
And adultery will be rife.

Deceive and cheat,
Divorce and leave,
Men of silken garments,
Are you honest?
Are you disgraced?
Where is your soul?
Exchanged for the world.

Swindlers, you are fake,
But we trust you for our sake,
So self-motivated, so successful,
Like our leaders and our officials.

The rain is scorching hot,
Dark doings in this world,
Mystics dance as we rot,
And those that seem pure,
Are dancing with them,
Without an afterthought.

Our hearts are pungent,
Much like excreta,
We wear the skin,
Of abused animals,
Worse than excreta.

We need patience,
To overcome corruption,
But we'd rather partake,
In things that put our lives at stake.

Don't hide your gold, show it,
Fight wars for your gold,
And shed blood for it.
Demand for silver, own it.
We fight wars for peace,
And you know it.

As the sun rises from the west,
And the sky is full of smoke,
Erase stress from your chest,
By disrespecting your mother,
And treating your friend better.

Lecturers and sermonizes,
An attempt for harmonizing,
But I'm deaf and blind,
And I don't have time,
For such nonsense.

Decorate the books of knowledge,
Glamorize the temples of worship,
Make stadiums higher for all to see,
That this world is an accessory,
Where the good will be forgotten.

Darkness in our hearts,
Liquor in our bellies,
There is no punishment,
This life is temporary.

In an upside-down world,
We disobey orders,
Our children spit at our feet,
And the younger generation,
Will have the ruling power,
Causing chaos and disorder.

Oh, shameless you are,
Naked, I see,
Will you lead me?

In this decaying society,
I need more money,
Don't distribute it equally.

Husband and wife,
Together in business,
He obeys his goddess,
Who'd have thought,
It would come to this?

He imitates a woman,
She imitates a man.
I don't understand.

Calm me down,
Please take an oath.
Why do you speak,
In the name of insignificance?
I didn't ask for your evidence.

Masters of science,
Do you see anything else?
Besides the worldly profits,
From those that prey,
On those that pray.

Must I pay for charity?
My trust is consumed,
And I am not amused.

Voices, voices,
I hear them everywhere.
It's hard to pretend,
That they aren't there.
It's hard to pretend,
That I don't care.

They're speaking to me,
Misguiding me,
Telling me to,
Trick people,
Oppress people,
Have liquor in the streets,
Ignore the multiplying police.

The first generation is cursed,
We ignored the signs of the universe.

Now we wait for the red winds,
To take us from this world of sin,
Earthquakes, mutilation of bodies,
Tornadoes and all the natural disasters,
Are they the cause or end of suffering?

Do we care?
Will we care?
Have we ever cared?
I don't care.

Fame is priority,
Let's fuel our ego,
And put on a show,
Nepotism in our best people,
We were never equal.

Now we await the last hour.

A one hour crescent is sighted,
We are bemused and excited,
By the phenomenon,
Of a two day moon,
Masters of science,
Will you explain this?

There is one man,
For every fifty woman,
Ignorance is common,
Much has been said,
Information overload,
In our empty heads.

An onslaught of time,
We hold hot coals in our hand,
While the trumpet blows,
And we are unable to stand.

Do we care?
Will we care?
Have we ever cared?

We'd rather,
Dance and sing,
Ourselves to sleep.
Published: 10/4/2018
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