A Baby Is Born!!!

Beginning blues of a '"newborn mother"!
A baby is born!!
Suspense and tension is gone!
Months of waiting draws a full stop.
Little bundle of joy is crying non-stop.
The very new mother is at her wit's end.
New babe's grandmother reaches there to attend.
Her "experience" starts the training!
The little angel is now smiling!
"Just-become-mother" is startled.
With her new role, she is bewildered.
With the baby's discomfort, she gets jumpy.
Trying to locate the pain or problem turns her crazy.
Her happiness is covered by clouds of fear.
With time and tutoring, it's bound to clear.
Aren't all these part and parcel of motherhood?
Indeed, this gives the sweetest taste of parenthood!
Published: 7/22/2008
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