A Beautiful Dream - Wedding

In life, we see many beautiful dreams which we often desire to come true. These dreams are difficult, but are definitely not impossible. Many a time, these dreams are inter-dependent. Wedding being one of the dreams that we see, definitely needs support from the spouse as well. Togetherness is the key for 'A Beautiful Dream'.
Wedding, once a beautiful dream,
Lovely it always seems.
Rough roads hadn't been pondered,
However, has some awesome wonders.

Difficult it is to understand the partner's needs,
Long queues of expectations is all we see.
Trying to achieve a balance between job and spouse,
It really feels like a nibbling mouse.

Wedding, once a beautiful dream,
Sometimes like a whisk of cream.
Soothing memories are often built,
Thinking of which feels like a warm quilt.

Love, oh my dearest love,
I know, better I could have always been.
Let's now sit and plan our future,
Together we can make it happen 'A Beautiful Dream'.
By Benhur Soans
Published: 11/3/2012
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