A Beautiful Mess

The wonders of one's soul meeting yours and creating a Beautiful Mess. This is for You, inspired by You.
Dear Beautiful Mess,
Whenever your face floats on the waves of my mind,
I can’t help but shiver and smile,
In the depths of my imagination.

The biography of your heart takes over the fiction of my mind,
I no more picture what could be,
But I watch what has been,
My supple sensitive skin seeks after your tracing tentative touch.

Every hair follicle on my body prickles up,
Listening for your presence as it remembers who once sang to it,
Who once tangoed with it,
Tango away with me Beautiful Mess.

I aspire to transpire my light on you,
Allow my hips to move yours, lead yours,
The way your fingers lead my heart,
As the rain drums the soil and the lightning illuminates the sky.

We use Mother Nature to birth us the music designed for our souls to come alive,
Together we make art,
Together we are art,
I may sound crazy,
I may sound lost,
But Beautiful Mess you left my heart undressed,
You left my soul barren for you to see.

Every curve of my laughter and every contour of history’s scars,
I felt free for you to discover,
I felt free for you to embrace,
Gone is my protecting lace,
I just want to take your hands and sway you in the sunlight.

The sun’s heat battling with our combined heat,
The rays fighting with our passionate ways,
The stillness made by our move,
Oh Beautiful Mess.

Every silent moment I walk through,
I wish I would stumble upon you,
Just to collapse into your arms,
And bring together two intense worlds that forms a desirous universe,
I’m a Beautiful Mess because of your mind, eyes, laugh, touch, and kiss,
This is my Beautiful Mess.
Published: 4/14/2014
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