A Beautiful Thing - Chapters 2 and 3

She was just full of delightful surprises.
Chapter 2

She was really something, he thought as he watched her bend down to grab her beach bag. He figured having a beautiful woman to keep him company while the storm passes over wasn't such a bad idea. The wind started to pick up then and the waves began to pound against the old wooden dock.

"We should get going before we're both drenched." He bent over and grabbed the bag from under her arm. "Least I could go." He began to lead her down the dock and toward a heavily wooded area.

He heard the hesitance in her voice when she asked where they were going. Nervous little thing wasn't she, he thought.

"My house is this way. We don't want to get rained on now, do we?" He grinned at her and pointed at a nice pebbled path leading through the trees. He saw her shoulders relax and her posture returned to its casual stance. Well at least we're making progress, he thought.

"What about my car? I left it abandoned on that road." She nibbled on her lower lip and her eyes grew strained with worry. She also needs to stop worrying about such ridiculous things.

"I think your car can take a little rain. If it's dirty, it'll actually be good for it." He was rewarded with another of her quick smiles and felt his heart skip a beat. He frowned as she began to walk ahead of him. I need to keep my head clear until this storm passes over, he thought. That didn't mean he couldn't enjoy the view though. He watched as her hips swayed slightly in her bright tattered jean shorts. The white tube top wrapped around her tightly and showed off her hour glass shaped figure. Her blonde hair strayed from the hair tie attempting to contain it. I wonder how it would feel to run my hands through that luscious mountain of hair. He felt desire punch him in the gut and sucked in a breath. Take it easy, he thought. The woman was as jumpy as a kangaroo.

"You call this a house? It's... amazing." The shock and wonder in her voice had him grinning.

The house was made of mainly some sort of glass and a very deep brown wood. It stood almost as tall as the trees and spread out into a lush and beautiful garden. It was like a fairy tale, a fortress hidden inside the forest, near the ocean concealed to anyone but the person who lived inside of it. He watched as her eyes went wide in anticipation and awe.

"You can close your mouth now sugar. Please, don't drool." He walked smugly past her purposely brushing against her bare shoulder to see if she felt the same attraction he felt. She jolted sideways and her eyes turned wide. I think about answers my question, he thought.

"Really, Daniel. This place is like something out of a fairy tale." He led her past the garden and into the green house in which new scents assaulted her senses. He watched as curiosity had her veering to touch and lean down to smell the peculiar looking plants. She wrinkled her nose as she smelt a foul-smelling plant. He smirked as she attempted to wipe the smell off her nose.

"If you'd follow me sugar. We could get to the house." He held out his arm in invitation and was surprised when she linked her arm through his. She was just full of delightful surprises.


Chapter 3

"I can't seem to figure you out Catherine."


Catherine's breath caught as he led her thorough a large chipped wooden door. I wonder if this gigantic house is made entirely of wood and glass. He led her into the room and felt her arm slip from his. He frowned and watched as her eyes filled with tears.

"This room is magnificent Daniel."

She made her way to the middle of the room and spun in a circle. The chandler twinkled over head and she imagined that she wasn't alone in the room. She imagined that she was spinning in a circle and there was couples dancing around her in a light two step dance.

"Have you ever thrown a ball in here? It'd be the perfect room. All it needs is a couple of hundreds scented candles, tables and chairs, and maybe a band over there."

She pointed over at a far corner. The floors were of course made of some sort of wood but this wood shone and smelled of fresh pine cleaner. This is all so beautiful, she thought swept up in her own thoughts, she yelped when Daniel wrapped his arms around her and started to do the waltz.

Oh he had the moves, she thought. The room spun around them as they danced and lost track of time. It was all feeling, she thought dreamily. His hands were splayed over her shoulder and hip and his face was dangerously close to her. So close, she thought, that if he leaned forward just another inch....

Woah, she thought alarmed at the sudden turn her thoughts had taken. I need space, she thought in a panic. She hesitantly stopped when he twirled her away from him and clutched her hands to her chest in a defensive gesture.

"You dance very nicely Mr. O'Brian." She looked around and noticed a door to her left. "Where does this lead?" She began to walk in the direction of the door and was startled when he grabbed onto her wrist.

"I can't seem to figure you out Catherine." His sea green eyes focused so intensely on her face she could feel heat begin to rise in her face. Blushing yet again, she thought miserably. She tried to relinquish hold of her hand but he held on with a firm grip. This is in no way good, she thought in a panic. Say something, she thought. Say anything.

"Please, just show me the rest of the house." Her voice was barely a whisper but he nodded and took her by the hand. He showed her almost fifty different decorated rooms before dropping her off into a neat and tidy room. It suits me, she thought as she walked through the door.

The walls were painted a sky blue and it looked almost as if someone had taken the time to paint pictures of various forest creatures from rabbits to hawks on the walls. They look expertly done, she thought as she ran her hand over them. There was a medium-sized bed with a white and red bedspread. Next to the bed there was a bedside table, on it there is a red reading lamp too. In the right to the bed, there was a fabulous looking wooded desk and a red chair. On the desk there is a computer and various things for work. Next to the desk, there's a wardrobe, red and made of wood of course. Like everything in this place, she thought and gave a quick smile.

"This room is perfect. Thank you again for letting me stay." Only until the storm passes, she thought stubbornly.

"Good. I'm glad it meets your approval. If you need anything I'm right down the hall, last door on the left."

He winked and let himself out. He had told her he'd gather her stuff before the storm came in and she nibbled on her lower lip again. I really should stop doing that, she thought. Well I might as well make myself at home, she thought as she fell onto the bed. Ah, this is the life. Her muscles went lax and she sighed in content. I could lay like this forever, she thought suddenly feeling herself drift off. I'll just take a quick nap....
Published: 3/1/2012
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