A Beautiful Thing - Chapters 6 and 7

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Chapter 6

Catherine watched as Daniel wadded into water and shivered involuntarily. That water has got to be freezing, she thought. She heard caw in the distance and tilted her hat back to let the sunshine on her face. She cringed as it blinded her and tilted it back down.

"You should probably put on some sunscreen," he yelled from a distance. "You wouldn't want to get burned would you?" He smiled at her and dove back into the water, disappearing for a couple of minutes before resurfacing.

She bit her lip and watched the waves slowly roll in. "Would you say the water is freezing," she asked him as he came to sit beside her. "I was thinking of taking a dip."

She tugged her bathing suite top up self-conscious as she caught him staring at her. She had decided to wear her brand new peach colored two piece bathing suite. It was strapless and seemed to always be falling down.

"It's not to cold," he said. "You should join me in a swim." He stood up and held out a hand to her, grinning as she stood up.

"I suppose if it's not," she broke off mid sentence when she saw something on the cliff towards their right. She frowned and walked around him gazing up at the massive rock. "Did you see that?"

Daniel looked at her in confusion before shielding his eyes and looking in the direction she was pointing at. "I don't see anything," he said after a while. "It could've been a goat. They climb the cliffs sometimes."

She felt him grab her hand gently and begin to tug her towards the water. She sucked in a gasp as the ice-cold water flowed over her feet. "You said it wasn't cold," she said in exasperation. "I'm not getting in."

She turned around and screamed when he threw her over his shoulder and ran over the waves, plunging them into the icy depth of the ocean.The water closed over her head and she felt on the floor, shooting up to the surface gasping for breath. The first thing she heard was laughing and her face flamed. She shoved her hair out of her face and glared at Daniel as he barely kept himself afloat.

"That was not funny Daniel," she screeched. "I could've swallowed water!"

She splashed water in his direction and he yelled in surprise. "Two can play that game," he yelled playfully as he splashed her back.

She turned her head to avoid the salt water and then laughed as they began a splash war.

"That's it," he said and began to swim in her direction. "I'm coming to get ya."

She laughed in delight and began to swim to the shore when something dragged her underwater. She choked as she inhaled water and her eyes burned as she opened them in fear. She thought she saw a tentacle around her ankle, but didn't have time to check before her lungs began to burn. They screamed for air and her eyesight started to darken. She panicked and tried to claw at her ankle. When it didn't let go, she screamed in frustration and kicked it away. It let go and she looked upwards at the diminishing light. I can make it, she thought fiercely as she began to swim upwards. Her vision began to blacken and her limbs became heavy. I'll just take a nap, she thought exhausted. She shut her eyes and floated towards the depth of the ocean floor.


Chapter 7

"Damn it," he yelled as he breathed air into her lungs. "Don't die on me now!"

He pumped her chest and breathed air into her lungs again. He listened for her heart and fell backwards. "She's gone," he said in disbelief. "She's really gone." A riot of emotions seemed to be bashing around inside him and grabbed his head in frustration.

He'd seen her go under but thought she was playing around. He laughed and stayed up waiting for her to resurface, but as the minute ticked by and she didn't, he began to worry. What he saw when he dove down, he wasn't sure. She was yanking something off her ankle and he was trying to get to her. Then she seemed to spring free and try to reach the surface. He was looking through the murky sea water and his vision was blurred. He had to resurface for air before submerging and seeing her floating, almost as if she was sleeping, towards the dark depth of the ocean. His body fueled with adrenaline shot him towards her and had her on the beach in seconds flat. He immediately began pumping at her chest but... He looked down at her body, still beautiful, almost as if she were only sleeping, and began to sob quietly.

Then, the sound of sputtering and coughing from his side had him leaping to her side. He couldn't believe what was happening. She threw up a lung full of sea water and he sat beside her with a water bottle in hand.

"Drink this," he demanded. "It'll help with the burning in your throat."

She took it and began to guzzle it down, he had to rip the bottle from her hand to keep her from making herself sick again. This is a miracle, he thought as he watched her begin to shake.

"Are you ok?" He asked. "I thought you were gone..."

She looked up at his face and her own shock shone through. "Daniel, this thing," she tried to say, but didn't have a chance to finish as she passed out.

He felt for a pulse and sighed in relief as he felt a strong and steady one. He looked down into her face and wiped the sand off it. "Let's get you home," he said.

The sound of thunder nearby had him rushing to get her to the mansion. He looked down at her and saw that tears were spilling down her face.

Wait, he stopped and looked up. No, he thought. Just rain. He walked as fast as he could and got into the door garden just as the rain began to fall in sheets.

He closed the door behind him and made his way around potted shrubs and work benches. It'd been awhile since he had used any of the shrubs in the medicine garden, he thought absent-mindedly. Rain was pounding against the glass ceiling and thunder struck nearby. Too close, he thought as he kicked the door open. They entered through the kitchen and passed through the sitting quarters.

"Daniel," she whispered and he hesitated on the first step. He looked down at her and saw that her eyes were closed. Must be dreaming, he thought. He made his way towards her room then reconsidered. My room, he thought. He walked towards his room and the sound of thunder striking nearby had him gritting his teeth. Damn this storm, he thought irritably.

He walked into his room and set her gently down on his bed. He walked into his bathroom and turned on the warm water. She needs to get cleaned first, he thought. He walked back into his room and paused when he thought he saw something kneeling beside his bed. His heart slowed and he tried to concentrate on the murky shape. Then, suddenly, it disappeared and he shook his head. Just a trick of the lights, he thought.

He knelt down beside her and checked her pulse again. Steady, he thought as he carried her into the bathroom.

"Daniel," she whispered and he looked down at her. He thought maybe she was still sleeping, but this time her eyes were wide and bright. They seemed almost silver. "Is this a dream?"

"No," he said. "This is real."

She blushed and wiggled uncomfortably. "I can stand I think, "She said miserably uncomfortable.

"Okay," he said. He let her down and she took a step away from him. "You should take a shower, get all that water smell off you."

She nodded and he began to walk towards the door. He heard her hesitant call and turned around. "Yes," he asked.

She flushed red and looked at the ground. "Do you think you could stay in here," she asked quietly. "I don't want to be alone." She finished in a low whisper.

He nodded and turned around. "Get in," he said. "The water should be fine."
What did Daniel see?
Nothing, it was a trick of the lights.
A shadow.
Published: 7/26/2012
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