A Better Tomorrow

I'm just hoping I can live through today so I can be strong for tomorrow. Hope you like it!
Dreaming of a better tomorrow,
Thinking I can live through today.
Keeping my mouth shut,
Not knowing what to say.

I don’t want anything to go wrong,
My heart…
My heart wouldn’t be able to take it.
It would, painfully, rip apart.

Thinking if I live through this,
I will come out stronger.
Knowing it’ll pass,
Sooner or later.

I raise my head,
Forcing myself not to cry.
I can do this, I can…
All I need is to try.

So I smile,
And so I fake,
Not showing just how close
I am, before I break.

So I lie down and pray.
At least I know,
Deep in my heart,
There’ll be a better tomorrow.
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Published: 9/15/2011
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