A Better Way to You

Lost for words and indebted to you. I present to you what you gave me, but refined it in a better way to love you.
With each clock tick,
My heart beats,
Longing to behold your smile...

Oh beautiful, priceless creation and a gem,
Your embrace reaches out and hugs my emotion,
You for whom I write.

Your beauty is far beyond words,
Indescribable by a mere mortal's pen,
But by imagination for you,
It goes as a spark in the dark from within.

Your touch and simplicity - an example of motherhood,
The one I look forward to waking up beside daily,
Sharing my first and last breath,
With kissing good night,
And looking forward to the process repeated.

Oh! My heart is in bliss,
And my soul rejoiced,
For if I searched,
I would have lost you,
Looking at the wrong places,
As my custom is,
But you found me and held on tight,
Grab me by the hands and kept me in line,
Never threatened to let go,
Neither moved by my blindness,
To see your undying love.

Pure as the ocean, sweet as candy,
Soft as wool but firm as a poll,
Your love has been...
It kept me strong and warm,
And for this, I am indebted.

Times flies, season changes,
And the years rolls,
Yet memories we keep making,
Records we keep breaking,
Storms we keep weathering,
And promises we keep fulfilling.

Now I see for my eyes have been opened,
By your sincere love, your kiss and your voice,
Be mine till death do us part,
And even after death,
Still be mine in spirit and soul,
For I drank out of the well of the sureness of true love,
And I thirst not again for any other.

I love you too,
But now I love you more,
For you showed me what love is,
And now I wanna give it back much more.
Published: 6/28/2013
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