A Body Of Scars

A girl with scars. Her marks are proof that some can take life but they hurt themselves to relieve the pain they feel inside.
Who would have thought love could cost so much
Every mark on a body shows the lust
As every word said is full of trust
Who would have thought a love could cause such pain
To leave a heart with nothing to gain
Who would have thought that the passion inside

Would drive her crazy
To the point she would want to die
Who would have thought a girl would want so much
Every word from your mouth
And even your touch
A touch from your hands

A sweet kiss from your lips
A hand to hold
And a heart she can give
Who would have thought a love could cost so much
For her to hide the pain in all her cuts

Who would have thought her scars were real
Her escape route is how she deals
To hide the sorrow
And what runs through her mind
She cuts to feel alive.
Published: 3/16/2011
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