A Bond from Across the Pond

A poem of distant loyal friendship kept by bond and promise of a long-awaited reunion.
It's been nearly 5 years since last we met,
And yet here I sit in silence during another sunset,
With my memories, with no regret.

We have a bond from across the pond,
Since you live across the ocean from me,
We write each day with loyal need to pass the time,
Till one day we find a way to succeed a face-to-face hug of degree.

Here I am on my side of the pond with an imaginary wand,
I dream of having my own,
I ask myself what would I do,
With such a wand when I have a phone.

The phone is as magical as the wand,
Yet it and the wand isn't what I need,
So maybe what I need is one of your emails to read.

Still I imagine how about a flying Pegasus, broom, rug or genie solicit,
What would I do with a genie,
When I yearn for a time I no longer can visit?

Money has power to grant wishes,
The ability to fly you and the force of protection,
Still maybe what I need is something of direction.

Beyond magic, nor money can reduce what only patience can induce,
Yet spending is involved and magic it will produce,
I know now we both have something of God that creates,
A happy reunion in us that awaits.

Love and kisses with best wishes...
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Published: 4/15/2013
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