A Brainy King

Sometimes, you will experience some harsh words. Just smile and pray for that person. Keep calm when you're the one who can understand.
An Arab man greeted me,
"As-salamu alaykum."
(Peace be upon you)
"Wa alaykum s-salam,"
(Peace be with you too)
I answered politely.

Then suddenly,
He asked me,
"Fen Hammam?"
(Where is the toilet?)
I said, "Asif. La a'rif, sir."
(Sorry. I don't know, sir)

He further commented,
"Lesh, mafi muk!"
(Why, you have no brain!)
I just smiled,
And he disappeared.

...In the Middle East,
You should learn something-
Basic Arabic phrases at least.
So, you won't end up like me-
By this brainy king!

Lessons for that day:
Understand someone's shoes,
Be careful what you wish for,
And watch out every word you say,
For it may all speak about you.
Published: 11/11/2013
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