A Breath to Comprehend

A year ago, we lost a wonderful lady. This is for my mother.
My heart, still conscious of the pain,
Speaks softly in my sleep,
With gentle whispers that are thine,
To dry the tears I weep,
Although the memory lingers still,
I think of you each day,
Your smile can warm that winter chill,
That took your breath away.

We look to you with memories,
That fill our hearts with love,
We miss you so, but as we grieve,
We know you're still with us,
Still taking care of business,
You steer us on our path,
In the silence of your quiescence,
You leave love in our hearts.

A hand that reaches out to touch,
The fingers of another,
The softest stroke, a gentle clutch,
The warm caress of a mother.
The comfort of a gentle breeze,
A breath to comprehend,
Sweet angel, bide beside me,
That I may hold your hand.
Published: 12/6/2012
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